All your FAQS answered

Tuesday, 27th October, 2020

We’re proud of our family dental clinic and the fact that we’ve been serving the community for over two decades. Over that time, we’ve gained experience, upskilled, and kept up with the new dentistry trends. We have a lot to offer our patient at…

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Am I a viable candidate for braces?

Tuesday, 20th October, 2020

Adult orthodontics is a fast-growing discipline in dentistry that provides people of all ages with straighter teeth. Reactions to their new smiles by our patients are usually “why did I wait so long?”, which is the same question you’re posing to…

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What are implants?

Tuesday, 13th October, 2020

Ideally, we’d all like to boast a perfect set of full teeth from childhood into our golden years. Unfortunately, unforeseen accidents occur, and a few negligent years of not taking care of your teeth properly can result in the worst-case scenario,…

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Reasons why Navan Dental is a cut above the rest

Tuesday, 6th October, 2020

Since opening our doors in 1997, we’ve become the one-stop dental clinic for a wide array of dental issues for all family members. Our relationships with patients are strong and built on years of trust. Our dedicated dental team is committed to…

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