A perfect blend of enthusiasm and experience with our dentist Navan

Tuesday, 8th November, 2022

Dentistry has evolved over the centuries and the last few decades have seen rapid improvements in equipment and techniques. As a dentist Navan we have over two decades of serving the local community using all those skills that have been passed down over the centuries. Dentistry is an ever-evolving science and our team provides our patients with the perfect balance of experience and enthusiastic innovation.

Your comfort is our motivation

There are still patients who experience anxiety when visiting the dental surgery. Our welcoming, empathetic team strives to alleviate any anxiety by using a variety of innovative techniques. Free unlimited wifi allows our patients to feel at home as they surf the net. Special massaging dental chairs further help to induce relaxation to the body. Another innovation we have introduced are the ceiling mounted television screens which allow our patients to watch programmes or sport while receiving treatment. As a forward-thinking dentist Navan we are constantly seeking new ways to help our patients relax during their dental treatment.

Appointments to accommodate you!

To help you maintain your dental care we are open for appointments from Monday to Saturday. We understand that life today is demanding and can sometimes get in the way of your routine. To help you to maintain your oral health, we stay open later on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Access for all

Keeping appointments is further made easier at our dentist Navan by the fact that parking is close to the practice. For those with special mobility needs we have wheelchair access and a lift.

Patients from near and far

We work with you as part of a team by helping you to access our dental facilities and we will accept Medical Cards and PRSI entitled patients. As one of the few dental practices to offer this, we receive patients from as far away as Counties, Donegal, Kerry and Antrim.

Comprehensive check-up

Our dental check-ups are thorough, as well as checking your teeth, gums and jawbone,we  include cancer screening and a full report on medications that you may be taking, for our records.

Full range of dental treatments

We are a true community family dentist and from children all the way through to pensioners, we will take care of your dental needs. If it’s a routine teeth whitening procedure or a more complex dental implant we will take care of you. For those suffering from dental malocclusion we can improve your bite so that you can chew your food properly and produce a broad, confident smile. Malocclusions can cause speech impediments and a painful jaw, we can help you to eliminate these impediments with our orthodontic treatments.

A little self-indulgence

Because we have a thorough knowledge of your skin, bone and muscle structure we are able to offer a variety of non-surgical facial skin smoothing treatments. Our treatments are conducted by a medical practitioner in our sterile treatment rooms. At Navan Dental, we can put a smile on your face with our range of dental treatments and give you a more youthful appearance through our aesthetic treatments.

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