Am I a viable candidate for braces?

Tuesday, 20th October, 2020

Adult orthodontics is a fast-growing discipline in dentistry that provides people of all ages with straighter teeth. Reactions to their new smiles by our patients are usually “why did I wait so long?”, which is the same question you’re posing to you, why wait any longer for a smile that brings you confidence and improved oral health? Dr Mc. Morrow is our experienced dentist with interest in orthodontist Navan. He’ll make your dreams of straighter teeth a reality.

Why should I consider an orthodontic device?

In the past, braces were for children. However, times are changing, and this means it’s not too late for us to correct your crooked teeth or poorly positioned jaw.

The multiple benefits of having your teeth straightened greatly outweigh some of the minor inconveniences. These include boasting better hygiene and confidence.

Your mouth is home to a trifecta of bacteria. Some are the good kind, while other types attack your teeth and gums. Proper brushing is needed to remove these harmful germs. Unfortunately, though, there are more places for these bacteria to hide if your teeth are twisted, rotated or contorted. Straighter teeth equate to easier and more efficient cleaning.

If you hate smiling, or talk with your hand over your mouth to hide your teeth, you might want to consider braces. Straighter teeth will provide you with the self-esteem to bear a grin in photographs and display your teeth proudly, knowing they look great.

What inconveniences will I experience

While braces have changed since they were invented, some inconveniences are experienced by users which you’ll have to adjust to. However, because there are various types of straightening aids from which to choose, these minor issues aren’t universal. If you decide on standard metal braces, you will experience discomfort when you first have yours fitted, and whenever you get them tightened. Your eating habits will have to change where you’ll have to eliminate hard, chewing food from your diet. Your cleaning regime will also be different.

Besides standard braces, what are my other choices?

Traditional straightening aids aren’t for everyone because of the above-mentioned reasons. We offer alternative treatments in orthodontist Navan to accommodate people’s preferences, desires, and unique dental problems. Inman aligners are a suitable choice for people who have straight pearly whites overall, barring their four front teeth. Realign these in six to 18 weeks with these aligners.

Similar to Inman aligners, Six Months Smile is purely a cosmetic treatment that repairs the teeth most visible in photographs. By wearing these, you’ll enjoy straighter teeth, with an emphasis on the “word” straighter. Six Months Smiles don’t work faster than traditional appliances; they just partially straighten your teeth. Clear braces are a popular choice in orthodontist Navan for self-conscious people because they’re nearly invisible. Wear them without others knowing as you perform your daily activities.

For how long will I be wearing braces?

This depends on your braces and the nature of your dental issues. You could be wearing them for two years or longer for more complicated issues, or six months if your dental problems are more superficial.

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