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Tuesday, 23rd April, 2019

Living with uneven teeth can be more embarrassing than we want to admit out loud. We try not to smile in most pictures, sometimes it can be difficult to eat, and in extreme situations it can affect our speech. Many people, just like you, are searching today for answers to their uneven teeth. Luckily that question can be solved quickly and easily with orthodontist in Navan.

What is orthodontist in Navan?

Orthodontics is a type of dentistry that works with misaligned teeth and jaws by slowly moving the teeth and bones into a new and desired location through braces or aligners. This means it is a great way for you to achieve your dream smile. This treatment can be provided by either an orthodontist or a general dentist. Here at Navan Dental, Dr McMorrow, will thoroughly inspect every patient at their consultation. He will then discuss the different treatment options and create a timeframe and budget that works with every patient's needs, wants, and limitations. Dr. McMorrow and our whole team want everyone to achieve their dream smile, and we are here to help everyone get there with orthodontist in Navan.

We constantly hear our patients say that orthodontist in Navan have given them a life changing experience, and their only regret was not starting the process even earlier. It is a lifetime investment in your confidence, happiness, and smile.

What about being a braceface?

While many people feel that realigning their teeth requires a mouth full of metal that makes them feel as if they look like a teenager, we want people to know there are plenty of options thanks to new technology. At Navan Dental we offer a few different solutions that will not make you feel like a braceface, such as Inman aligner, clear braces, and Six Month Smiles. All have the same goal of realigning your teeth, but they vary in style, timeframe, cost, and discomfort. It is best to discuss all your options with your dental professional at your consultation.

If you are ready to change your life forever with orthodontist in Navan, then call us today and book your free consultation with Dr McMorrow.

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