Are you worried about visiting the dentist?

Tuesday, 1st February, 2022

Many of our patients have fears when it comes to visiting the dentist chair, these fears date back to past experiences from youth, or it could be that your parents were anxious about the dentist and have passed their insecurities on to you. We believe that everyone has the right to good dental care and oral hygiene - which is why we also accept medical card patients. We want to share our top tips on how to visit us in the best way possible.

Top tips for avoiding fear of the dentist chair

We recommend you come and visit our dentist Navan here at the practice before your appointment. It’s important you come and get to know the space and reception staff ahead of time, so you aren’t adding extra pressure onto yourself by having to deal with a new environment as well as the worry of possible dental treatment.

We suggest trying to make an earlier appointment with your dentist Navan where possible, so you aren’t having to spend much of the day thinking about your upcoming appointment.

The first appointment you make will very likely be just a regular check-up, so you will be able to use this as an opportunity to get to know your dentist Navan a little better.

We welcome both friends and family to come with you on your visit, meaning you can have someone there to make you feel safe and supported. We are happy for them to accompany you into the surgery so they are there during your check-up or treatment.

You can talk to us about creating a physical sign that you can use if you need us to stop the check-up or treatment, enabling you to take a break without having to move your mouth. It can be really easy like raising a hand, that way you will feel more in control when in the chair.

If you’re feeling really uncertain about visiting us then why not just come in for a clean and polish, then if needed you can work up to other treatments such as fillings, crowns or bridges.

We may be able to offer you a numbing gel if you feel that is something you would like.

It could be an idea to bring your music with you, we find sometimes having the ability to zone out to your happy place is a really quick solution to any anxiety. 

What are the benefits of visiting the dentist?

Your teeth are with you your whole life and having a healthy set will benefit your life beyond just the ease of eating and drinking. Having a smile you are proud of can affect your confidence and self-worth and without regular check-ups your teeth can quickly succumb to gum disease and decay without you knowing - you don’t need to be in pain to be struggling with oral health. It’s important you make the dentist a part of your overall health plan. We will always be on hand to support you with any of your dentistry needs and will be happy to guide you through good dental hygiene practices. 

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