Aren’t orthodontics in Navan just for children?

Tuesday, 16th June, 2020

You would be mistaken in believing that orthodontist in Navan was a treatment option just designed for children and young adults. Although it is common for treatment to be available for this group, this is because swift action is needed in many cases to allow for a good quality of life with straighter teeth and a correct bite. 

It is often that children receive orthodontist in Navan appointments when they are about 7 years of age, giving the professional an understanding of their natural bite and position of teeth, to determine whether treatment is needed. If it is, then the sooner braces can be applied the better, so that the treatment time can be reduced and the child in question can enjoy more time with a healthier smile. 

Incorrect bites can result in speech and eating issues, as can twisted teeth. Alleviating these problems is important for a good quality of life. 

In some instances in the past the issue may not have been severe enough to warrant treatment, perhaps because it may have been a simple cosmetic issue or because funding was not provided at the time. Whatever the reason, there are a vast number of adults who need corrective treatment to perfect their smile for their self-esteem and their health, who never benefited from orthodontics when younger.

Unfortunately, teeth will continue to twist and cross over as you age and even if you remove some teeth over time and think this may make some room in your mouth, it rarely makes the significant positive impact that one is hoping for, but can cause further complications. 

There are rare instances in which a dentist will remove teeth to make space, but this is an orthodontist in Navan technique and needs to be well planned and thought out.

So adults can have braces too?

There is nothing stopping adults from giving themselves a healthier and more beautiful smile by correcting their misaligned bite or teeth. We can provide a vast range of discreet, fast and effective solutions that are designed to accommodate a busy working adult's lifestyle and demands. 

We warmly invite you to speak with us about the options we have available and to book an appointment for an assessment, so that we can help you to decide which options will be the most effective for you. 

With technology and research advances over the years, you can benefit from much shorter treatment times than were once on offer and a greater variety of removable and fixed devices to choose from. 

The process is streamlined as well, meaning that if you are only looking to straighten your front teeth, you can do so with a specifically designed model called the Inman aligner. This device works within six to eighteen weeks, allowing fast results for those with busy lifestyles. 

Six Month Smiles also offers a relatively quick option and is growing in popularity for the innovative way in which it works. 

These are but a few of the many designs that are now available for adults to use, in order to achieve that smile that they have always wanted to have. We look forward to providing you with the tools needed,  so that you can enjoy a healthier and more confident smile. 

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