Been told you need to have braces fitted? Options for orthodontics Navan Dental

Tuesday, 3rd September, 2019

Regardless of your age, being told by your dentist that you could benefit from braces can cause a feeling of immense uncertainty. Images of that one child we all knew growing up with braces flashes through your mind and before you have made it out of the door of the surgery, you have decided that braces are not an avenue you want to pursue.

However, as dentistry has progressed, so have the range of treatments for correcting misaligned, crooked, crowded or widely spaced teeth. The range of orthodontist Navan that we offer at Navan Dental includes clear braces, invisible aligners and lingual braces to help correct the position of your teeth with ease and discretion.

Clear braces vs invisible braces

Contrary to popular belief, there is a difference between clear and invisible braces, we are able to offer both of these options for our patients wanting to undertake cosmetic orthodontist Navan.

Clear braces tend to be fitted and the brackets are usually clear or enamel matched in colour, with a single wire across the front. They are visually more discreet than traditional orthodontic braces and tend to have a shorter treatment time too. At Navan Dental, we are proud to be able to offer our patients the Six Month Smiles brace, which as the name suggests, can correct mild to moderate misalignments in six months or less. It does not require tightening but gently moves your teeth into their new position.

Invisible braces we offer, such as the Invisalign aligner, have a treatment time averaging around 12 months. They are removable and made of a clear, flexible plastic that is custom-fitted to sit over your teeth. This option uses multiple aligners for each stage of treatment and is perfect for adults who have careers that require a great deal of smiling.

Invisalign is also a more predictable brace, as it uses computer technology to break down your realignment in stages, allowing you to see exactly what each aligner will do for your teeth throughout the treatment; no nasty surprises or worrying about a tooth moving out of place with this brace!

Ultimately, when you come to Navan Dental for either clear or invisible braces, our dental team will discuss with you which they feel is better for correcting your misalignment and will discuss both options with you in more detail.

Lingual braces

Many dental patients become confused when lingual braces are mentioned by their dentist, but these braces offer the power of traditional orthodontic braces with the discretion of being almost invisible.

Lingual braces can correct more severe alignment issues but are fitted to the back of your teeth, meaning that to passers-by, colleagues or friends, they are almost invisible. They gently push your teeth forward as opposed to pushing backwards and will require frequent check-ups with a member of our team. Lingual braces tend to have an average treatment time of 1-3 years and are suitable for all ages


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