Do you keep biting your tongue or the inside of your cheek? Time for orthodontics Navan!

Tuesday, 15th November, 2022

Do you find that you cannot chew your food properly?  You may also find that you often bite your tongue or the inside of your cheek. Are you worried that your speech is affected? All of these and many other symptoms could indicate that you are suffering from malocclusion! This occurs when your teeth are misaligned. You may find that your jaw aches, especially after meals, or that you hear a clicking or grinding sound from your jaw, this could be temporomandibular disorder which could mean that your jaw is misaligned. Orthodontist Navan is all about correcting these conditions so that you can enjoy eating and smiling naturally without limitations.

Best to act early

As with most things the sooner action is taken to correct something, the shorter the long-term problems and the more beneficial the treatment. We encourage parents to bring their children in from one year old so that they will become familiar with everything in our dental surgery. Once we feel that they are accustomed to the dental surgery environment we will carry out an oral examination. Misalignments can be hereditary or as a result of thumb sucking or bottle feeding for too long. An early examination will allow us to identify any condition and we will then discuss the best treatment with you.

Treatments for all ages

In the past correction of dental misalignment used to be regarded as a treatment only for youngsters but that is no longer the case. Dental science has developed some incredible appliances which are now suitable for patients of all ages. Using the latest technology and techniques in orthodontist Navan we will conduct a thorough examination of a patient's oral cavity. At Navan Dental we will always explain in detail the condition and all the possible treatments that apply to a particular patient. We know that no two patients are the same and we ensure that treatment is tailor made to suit a particular patient. We will encourage you to ask as many questions as you deem appropriate to allow you to make an informed decision about taking treatment.

Braces and aligners

For many years misaligned teeth were corrected using a metal brace which fitted onto the front of the teeth and utilised wires and bands to increase pressure and move a patient's teeth. These are still in use today, but are far more refined and are also made from other materials. They also come in a clear material and they are far less conspicuous than the original metal version. One version of the clear aligners works differently to braces by not employing blocks fixed to the front of the teeth with wires passing through them and bands attached. These aligners are moulded to the shape of the teeth and fit over the teeth. A series is created and designed to more gently move the teeth. Each aligner is worn for a specified period and then replaced with another in the series which has a slightly different orientation. Each is designed to move the misaligned teeth to a position where the teeth meet correctly. The aligners are made from a clear material making them virtually invisible.

Smile broadly and confidently

Our orthodontist Navan team has been providing relief to many patients suffering from dental misalignment. We are here to restore your ability to chew properly and to smile without feeling self-conscious.

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