Can a dentist Meath light up your smile?

Tuesday, 28th September, 2021

Brightening up your outlook

The last year has been an unprecedentedly tough one, and here at Navan Dental, we want all our patients to know that the commitment and dedication which they’ve come to expect from our dentist Meath has remained strong and unwavering throughout all the recent changes.

As normality slowly resumes, we are overjoyed to be once more operating a full service and making sure that anyone who needs it can get access to a large range of dental treatments, which are tailored around their unique requirements and needs.

We always adopt a bespoke and patient-centred approach with our dentist Meath whereby we initially take the time to connect with our patients and understand exactly what their motivations for turning to our dentist actually are, so we provide the best care possible.

What can your dentist Meath do for my smile?

At Navan Dental we are a dentist in Meath who recognises that no two smiles are ever the same and that every patient requires a unique and tailored approach in order to achieve lasting results.

We specialise in a wide range of treatments including cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, as well as complex structural procedures such as dental implants alongside facial aesthetic treatments such as wrinkle smoothing or dermal fillers.

Because we offer such a comprehensive scope of treatments, we’ve found the best approach to getting a patient the treatment they need is to first carry out a consultation.

This aims to give details to our friendly practitioners about what it is specifically concerning their smiles or appearance patients are hoping to change or improve, in their own words.

We can then take this information provided and craft a tailored treatment schedule that will achieve these goals in a timely fashion that suits every patient's unique lifestyle.

What are facial aesthetics treatments?

Alongside the broad spectrum of dental treatments we offer to patients here at our practice, we also provide facial aesthetics treatments which aim to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles and boost a patient's self-esteem and confidence.

Our in-house facial aesthetics expert Dr David Buchanan has been helping to smooth wrinkles and signs of ageing on patients’ faces for over eight years.

Throughout that time Dr Buchanan has refined his craft to the point that he can now provide an extensive variety of non-surgical procedures which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles after just one session.

The treatments which Dr Buchanan regularly provides to patients include liquid or non-surgical face-lifts, face peels of various depths, lip enhancements, Profhilo treatment, Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero and treatment for excessive sweating.

As so many different types of procedures are on offer here at Navan Dental, it is important that patients first meet with Dr Buchanan to discuss their options before settling on one particular form of treatment.

Dr Buchanan is an expert in helping patients work out which facial aesthetic treatment (or treatments) will best meet their needs and maximise their self-confidence, and as no two faces are the same this tailored, bespoke approach is the best way of getting a treatment which has a lasting and uplifting impact. 

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