Can quality orthodontics be the key to a healthy smile?

Tuesday, 22nd March, 2022

Unlock your smile's potential

At Navan Dental we want all our patients to have the ability to smile freely, confidently and without fear of embarrassment about exposing crooked or malpositioned teeth. We offer a wide variety of orthodontist Navan, each of which aims to meet one or more common cosmetic and structural issues which patients may have.

These include problems such as overlapping, crowding or crooked teeth, and our expert in-house practitioners have years’ worth of experience in helping patients achieve their best smile, by working closely alongside them to find a result that is tailored around their specific needs. If you are unhappy with how your smile looks or about the unevenness of your teeth then call on us today and we’ll get you on track to a brighter orthodontic future.

Why seek out orthodontist Navan?

Getting orthodontic help to align your smile is about far more than just helping you look good. One of the main benefits of seeking out orthodontist Navan which we want to stress to all our patients is the improvement to your overall dental health which can be achieved through getting orthodontic treatments like braces. When your smile is crooked and your teeth are out of place there are far more small spaces, gaps and pockets throughout your smile where plaque and bacteria can develop.

As crooked teeth are harder to maintain and properly clean when brushing - due to the irregular shapes and spacing - those who have crooked teeth are often far more likely to get gum problems such as gingivitis or periodontal disease. Choosing to realign your teeth and move them together to create a straighter smile will not only improve how you look, but also make your teeth far more resistant to gum problems.

Another benefit of getting orthodontics from us here at Navan Dental is the positive effect on how much fresher your breath is when you have straighter teeth. This is again due to the fact that there are fewer spaces for plaque to develop, as pockets of food particles and plaque can impact the way your breath smells if they are not removed.

What types of orthodontics are available?

Another thing that we want to stress to all our patients, is the sheer amount of variety available to them with regard to their orthodontic treatment options. Although we have been providing top-tier cosmetic braces and orthodontics for years now, many people out there are still of the opinion that when it comes to dental realignment their only option is to have conventional fixed braces. While we do offer these sorts of braces and have seen the good they can bring to patients' smiles for several years, we also offer more cosmetic and discreet options such as ClearSmile aligners.

These offer patients the ability to realign crooked teeth without drawing too much attention to themselves, as the alignment is carried out by a single plastic aligner that is moulded to fit perfectly over a patient's teeth. When worn this aligner becomes almost impossible to detect as it is incredibly thin and transparent - and can also be taken out whenever a patient chooses as it is not attached within their mouth and is completely non-invasive. 

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