Carry on eating as before

Thursday, 23rd May, 2019

When you need to replace lost teeth, you want to be able to carry on eating, talking and laughing with complete freedom, just as you did before your teeth came out.

Whether you lost your teeth in an accident, through decay, gum disease or they gradually crumbled away over a number of years, at Navan Dental, we have a great way to replace them.

Dental implants in Navan are the latest generation of tooth replacement options. They give a far more secure experience than wearing dentures and they do so without compromising the integrity of neighbouring healthy teeth as fixed bridgework does.

In Navan, dental implants work by replacing the root of the tooth with short, tapered posts or screws made of titanium. Each implant has an internal screw. It is put into channels created in the jawbone, where it fuses with bone, which grows new bone tissue and blood vessels all over it. Once this process, which takes 2-6 months, is complete, we can add in your replacement crowns. 

Dental implants in Navan can each hold up to 3 crowns on a bridge, so there is no need to replace every lost tooth with an implant. In fact, we can replace an entire arch of teeth on just 4-6 implants. We can also use dental implants to stabilise wobbly dentures.


Looking after dental implants in Navan is pretty simple compared to other kinds of replacement teeth. The crowns stay in your mouth so all you have to do is brush them carefully twice a day and floss once a day. You also need to have regular cleaning sessions with the hygienist. 

Dental implants can't decay but they can fall victim to gum disease, so you need to make sure you remove plaque.

That done, however, there's not much else to worry about. Your dental implants in Navan can last for at least 15 years and many people find they last for decades.

If you would like to find out more about dental implants, why not book a consultation? We can take a look at your jawbone and see if it is healthy enough to sustain dental implants

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