Composite fillings; white fillings at Navan Dental

Tuesday, 6th April, 2021

The need for fillings is never going away, and most people will end up receiving a filling eventually. But, it doesn't have to be the traditional black amalgam filling that we are all familiar with. The composite fillings carried out by our dentist Navan are formed of resins, ceramics and polymers and are shaded to match your natural enamel, making them very hard to spot.

The dental composite alternative to amalgam fillings we developed gives patients the option of a natural and subtle filling, especially for highly visible cavities in the front teeth. It also has the advantage of being thermal stable, not expanding when heated. This is an issue with amalgam fillings, which will expand when heated by hot drinks and over many years thermal expansion can crack the tooth they are placed in.

There are further options with the ratio of the metals in a composite filling, allowing for a more flexible or harder filling dependent on the locations of the filling, and how much wear or load the filling will have to endure during everyday use.

Our dentist Navan can talk you through the details of your fillings if you wish, but most patients are happy to leave the completion of their filling up to our clinical staff. We will try to maximise the life span of your filling.

All fillings are temporary!

Fillings are not expected to last forever; even gold fillings in the best case scenario have a 30-year life span. A smaller filling will last longer than larger ones and fillings placed on the top of teeth get the most wear and thus, have the shortest life. During your check-up every 6 months your filling will be checked to see if a replacement is necessary.

Amalgam versus composite

Amalgam fillings are an alloyed mix of metals, whereas composites are a polymer porcelain mix, but they're often used in combination, with amalgam fillings used for back teeth or the inside of teeth and composites used if the filling is going to be visible.

What is it like to get composite fillings?

The application of polymer composite fillings is very simple, with treatment taking 20-30 minutes. With the use of local anaesthetic, it's painless but it can be uncomfortable for nervous patients. If you do have a dental aversion, mention this at the beginning of your visit to us and we will talk you through the procedures and will ensure that you are comfortable. We can provide a sedative to help relax you throughout the work. If you choose to receive sedation you will need an escort and can not drive immediately after this treatment.

I need a filling, should I get a composite filling?

Our dentist Navan would recommend composite fillings, but their cost is not usually covered by Medical Care or through with PRSI entitlement. There are no evidence-based issues with amalgam fillings and they are just as medically effective. That said, the seamless restoration that can be achieved with composites is excellent and is well worth the investment for predominant fillings.

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