Concerns over visiting our dentist Navan? We can help ease your fears and anxieties

Tuesday, 5th July, 2022

Unsettled and filled with dread about the idea of attending your dental checkup? Whilst you may feel alone, you are far from it!

Having fears surrounding dental visits and regular checkups with a dentist is one of the top reasons behind missed appointments and complete avoidance. For some throughout their childhood, visits to a dentist were non-existent, which led to fears due to uncertainty as an adult. For others, a negative experience, either firsthand or expressed by someone they know, may have influenced their opinions on dental checkups.

Luckily, modern dentistry understands and sympathises with those suffering from anxieties by creating a setup that is positive in multiple ways, including visually, audibly and in terms of the treatments carried out. In truth, attending regular checkup appointments with a dentist Navan creates more opportunities for things to run smoothly since your oral health will be kept in top form rather than allowed to deteriorate and need more extensive dental work down the line.

Just remember, you are not on your own with your fears.

At Navan Dental, we work with patients suffering from a variety of fears and anxieties surrounding dental checkups. From mild fears to complete phobias, our dentist Navan will work with you at your pace to ensure that you feel as comfortable as can be during your dental appointments. Taking the time to understand your concerns and address them with you as a team is how our dental team works.

So in what ways do we work with you? Below, we uncover just some of the ways we try to help.

Open communication

Patient care is naturally something we offer at the highest level; however, should you feel unsettled or have a fear about your trip to our dental practice, please inform one of our team members.

Once communication opens up between us, we will be able to begin creating a rapport with you, which in turn, will hopefully help you relax into the visit. You are our top priority, and we want you to feel completely at ease with us in order to achieve a good level of oral health. Open up to us, and we can help.

A positive distraction

The different sounds of the equipment and machines within a dental practice can naturally be a little unnerving. Therefore, bringing something pleasant with you, whether it be an audiobook or some music, can make a huge difference. Listening to something you enjoy can help your mind wander away from the noise of the practice and distract you whilst your teeth, mouth and gums are examined.

Meditation and relaxation

When trying to calm the nerves and create a sense of inner calm, using guided meditation or simple breathing exercises can help to soothe you and relax the mind and body. Whilst this may not be your usual approach, meditation or simply learning to manage your breath in a controlled but effective way can make a huge difference on your nerves during the appointment. Chat to one of our team members if you would like help with the breathing or mediation aspect.

Whilst we do not expect anyone to overcome their fears after just one visit, working in ways to effectively create positive associations with dental checkups can help rewire the brain, which in turn, can reduce the fears. Our dentist Navan will work with you every step of the way, so open up to us at the start so that we can help you. 

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