Contemplating dental implants, don’t worry about them becoming loose or falling out?

Tuesday, 12th July, 2022

If you have suffered from tooth loss as an adult, then you have most likely heard, even in passing, of dental implants Navan.

Helping thousands of people across the world, the titanium screw, which after being implanted into the jawbone, acts as an artificial root for the newly replenished tooth, and it has helped save and restore many smiles for the long term. However, as with all new things, many false facts and myths are floating around and may have reached your ears, putting you off the process. Well, at Navan Dental, we have worked closely with oral implants and helped thousands of patients to replenish their smiles. With that in mind, carry on reading to hear the truthful answers to some of the myths.

Likely to get infected

One of the falsehoods surrounding dental implants Navan is that they will become infected easily and therefore cause major discomfort and other problems.

When having oral implants put in at Navan Dental, rest assured that you are in safe hands. As with any treatment or procedure, we offer a high level of hygienic care, which can greatly reduce the possibility of infection. Following on from the procedure, slight discomfort over the next few days is to be expected. However, should the pain continue in the following weeks and swelling or other symptoms begin to arise, contact our dentist so that we can get you in for a checkup.

Food debris will get under the implant

If you have looked into how dental implants Navan are fitted, then you most likely know that this is an unusual myth. Oral implants are inserted into the jawbone, and the surrounding gum is sewn back up, leaving no possibility for food or other debris to get underneath the implant. In the days following the procedure, whilst the area heals, it is important to reduce the amount of pressure on the area by eating softer foods. Furthermore, keeping the area clean is rather simple and can be a basic saltwater wash.

Easily fall out

Now whilst implants can fall out, it is extremely rare and unlikely. When implants are inserted into the jawbone, and once they are healed, the bone would have securely fused the dental implant into place. Now, in the days following the procedure, should too much pressure be placed on the area before the bone has fused to the implant properly, then a slight shift in position may occur. For this reason, we recommend that you eat softer foods until the area is fully healed and secure. Our dental team will be able to advise on the time frame of this during your checkups; however, should you feel like your implant is loose, contact our dental team for an additional checkup.

They stand out from your natural smile

With all the advances within the cosmetic side of dentistry, this falsehood has never been so far from the truth. Dental implants have been designed to fit into the natural smile seamlessly; therefore, attention to the colour of the replenished tooth, its size and other aspects have already been considered. The idea is to restore your smile so that it looks as natural as possible and, in turn, provides you with a new element of confidence. Therefore, you can rest assured that only you and our dental team will know that your smile has implants in place!

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