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Tuesday, 9th March, 2021

The restorative dentistry we perform at Navan Dental includes oral implants; prosthetics which are different from bridges or crowns and are built on and with support or roots of natural teeth. They also have their own artificial titanium root which is ossified into the jaw bond.

It can take 4-6 months from start to finish but this will vary based on your medical history and general health. You would need to be assessed by one of our dentists.

What is a dental implant?

The implants that we use come in three components. At our Dental Implants Navan, the largest of these is the titanium implant that is placed in the jaw bone and sits completely beneath the gum line. Placed upon this is the oral prosthetics that could be a single tooth or one of the anchors for a set of dentures. Holding these two pieces together is a connector, which can be used to separate these pieces in the event of damage.


Titaniums widespread use in bone surgery is founded on a unique physiological response called osseointegration, where living bone forms such a close association with the metal that they become fused together. The time that is taken for new bone to form around the implant and integrate it into the jaw is critical in determining the length of the procedure.

The connector

The newest innovation in implating is the connector. In early models, implanting was performed in one session which meant the patient had to be very cautious with their new teeth as they set in place. Too much force could twist them or lead to the implant setting at a crooked angle.

The connector allows the lower half of the implant to be set into the jaw bone and the gum heals over it, protecting it from shocks and keeping in immobile as the bone grows around it. When fully 'set' the implant is loaded with the prosthetic tooth.

One of the advantages of oral implants is how flexible they can be, making them one of the very best techniques in restorative dentistry. It doesn't require any of the original teeth to remain and can be used to replace any tooth you wish. A single correctly attached anchor implant can be used to permanently fix a set of dentures in place.

What are implants like long term?

Once setting and loading are complete by our Dental Implants Navan team, the long-term care and maintenance are almost identical to that of natural teeth. For many of our patients, that is one of the top reasons for pursuing oral implants in the first place; to have all the function and appearance of their original teeth, with only twice-daily brushing and the 6-month standard check-ups!

Can I get implants?

Unfortunately, implants are not universally successful and there are risk factors which would make the treatment unsuitable; blood clotting disorders and low bone density are a few. There are also prescription medications whose side effects disrupt new bone growth, so you would have to discuss this with our staff before beginning the treatment.

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