Dental implants in Navan: pros, cons, and what the process entails

Tuesday, 12th May, 2020

The advent of modern dentistry means that people who lost their teeth don't have to live with an unsightly gappy mouth forever. 

People now have choices when it comes to replacing their missing teeth or pearly whites that are beyond fixing. At Navan Dental, our number one recommendation is dental implants in Navan due to its enormous successes as a tooth replacement device, and the positive feedback we've received from our happy customers. 

If you're on the fence about opting for dental implants in Navan, you'll find all the information you need to make an informed decision below. 

What are tooth implants?

If you don't know already, implants are titanium posts that are drilled into your jawbone. Their role is to act as the artificial root to your new crown, holding the artificial tooth securely in place. The extremely durable and high-quality metal lasts for a long time.

What does the procedure entail, is it painful?

Implant surgery sounds more significant and more intimidating than it is. While it does require a skilled dental practitioner with a steady hand, the procedure is generally straightforward. 

After our implant dentist makes a small incision on the gum, the titanium screw is drilled into the underneath bone. Once sutured up, the treated site is left to recover. Healing is slow and can take several weeks. During this time, a biological process called osseointegration occurs. 

What is osseointegration?

One fascinating aspect of dental implants in Navan is that it relies on a natural process to succeed called osseointegration. 

Osseointegration refers to the fusion between metal and bone, made possible because the human body recognises titanium as one of its parts and not a foreign object that must be rejected. As a result, tissue grows over the metal, and the post is firmly lodged into the jawbone over time. 

This incredible phenomenon was only recently discovered by accident by an orthopaedic surgeon. Since then, it's been used in various procedures across the medical board. 

What are the benefits of implants?

The principal reason as to why people are hesitant about implants is that they're costly. However, it should be treated as an investment, considering that implants can last a lifetime.

In addition to the above, implants look natural and functional like an authentic tooth. 

With the new pearly white improving your appearance, your confidence will grow. You can also eat and chew the food you want, and talk without your device slipping out of place, which sometimes happens to denture-wearers.

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Not so fast, we first need to assess whether you're healthy enough for tooth implants, and unfortunately, not everyone is. 

There are strict health requirements in place whereby patients with poorly gums and deficient jawbone aren't viable candidates for tooth implants because these dental issues increase the chances of an implant failing.

However, these issues don't rule out obtaining dental implants in the future. Undergoing treatments, such as professional teeth cleaning helps improve the condition of your gums, while bone grafts or transplants help to increase the bone density of your jaw. 

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