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Tuesday, 22nd November, 2022

Dental care is about more than just oral hygiene. Many patients experience dental anxiety and at Navan Dental we pride ourselves on working hard to help patients relax. Our team of welcoming, empathetic staff are trained to identify and apply proven techniques to alleviate dental stress. The minute a patient arrives at our dental surgery our focus becomes evident. Our staff are driven to provide exceptional service and our level of patient care is why so many of our patients return. As a long serving dentist Meath, we provide dental treatments for patients of all ages.

Prevention is the solution

As adults we know that once we have lost our baby teeth, our new teeth are the ones that must see us through our lifetime. As a dentist Meath serving the local community, we will work with you to help educate your children, so that they preserve their teeth. The truth is that dental care is a simple process when performed correctly and regularly. Teaching your youngsters the consequences of not following a proper dental routine is part of the preventive dentistry programme. Introducing children from as young as one year old helps them to become relaxed in the dental surgery surroundings. You are welcome to bring your children with you when you have an appointment. Our dedicated, friendly staff will take care of them and will help them to identify the dental surgery as a place to relax and feel comfortable.

Additional features

This dental practice was originally established over two and a half decades ago and has been dedicated to serving the local community ever since. We understand our patients and our experience and innovation has prompted us to add additional calming features to our dental practice. We provide unlimited wifi to our patients so that they can feel at home and continue to use their mobile equipment without restriction while at the surgery. Our dental chairs have a relaxing massaging feature built in which you can enjoy while receiving your treatment. Lying back during treatment allows you to watch your favourite television programme or sport on the screens placed on the ceiling, overhead. To further enhance your comfort, you are also able to choose from a variety of music to help you relax while you receive treatment using our noise-cancelling feature.


As a modern dentist Meath, to help you plan your treatments and maintain your dental regime, we offer late appointments on four days of the week. Our close proximity to parking makes it easy for you to get to us without having to walk too far. For our less mobile patients we offer wheelchair access and a lift. Patients who hold Medical Cards or who are PRSI entitled, enjoy the benefits of those facilities when treated by us.

A little pampering with facial aesthetics

If you feel the desire to enjoy some wrinkle smoothing, non-invasive, pampering treatment our medical practitioner and his team will administer a variety of treatments, to suit your needs. These are performed in our pristine treatment rooms by our well-trained staff so you know that you are in good hands. 

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