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Tuesday, 21st September, 2021

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Here at Navan Dental, we are overjoyed to be welcoming in more patients than ever before, as an increasing number of people are waking up to the advantages and wonders that orthodontics Navan can do for their smiles.

One of the most common things we hear from our patients that seek out orthodontics is that their only regret is they wished they had visited our practice sooner, so they could enjoy the life-changing and uplifting effects that orthodontic treatments bring to their smile for longer.

As such, we are making it our goal to enlighten and educate as many people as possible about  orthodontics Navan and how treatment could help transform and revitalise your smile.

What type of orthodontics do you offer?

Many people, when they consider orthodontics Navan, assume that the entirety of what we do involves fitting fused metal braces. This misconception is actually the cause of a number of people who could otherwise be benefitting from orthodontic treatments being dissuaded or put off from visiting our practice.

While we do regularly instal these sorts of orthodontic braces here at our practice, they are not the only form of treatment that is available. We also provide a range of orthodontic treatments which are more cosmetic orientated and allow patients to realign their smiles without affecting or impeding how they look throughout the process.

These sorts of cosmetic orthodontics have steadily grown in popularity over the years - in particular amongst our younger patients - and are now some of the most popular forms of dental care which we provide.

Alongside discreet treatments like clear or invisible dental aligners, we also understand that speed is an important factor for many people who are undergoing orthodontic alignment.

This is why we also offer remarkably quick-acting braces such as Six Month Smiles, which can realign a patient’s entire dental shape in just six months or less, which is nearly half the time conventional braces are worn for.

What are invisible dental aligners?

Clear or invisible dental aligners are one of the most revolutionary new types of orthodontics to emerge in recent years, which we proudly offer to patients here at Navan Dental.

These aligners aim to allow patients to carry out orthodontic alignment without the treatment affecting how they look or impeding their social lives, and achieve this by completely re-establishing how teeth are moved into place.

Rather than using a bonded wire to apply tension which pulls teeth together (as with traditional braces), clear aligners rely purely on a plastic, removable dental retainer.

These soft and comfortable retainers are all built specifically for the wearer, from a digital or physical impression of their tooth shape. Within their structure, these retainers have ridges, pressure-points and grooves which apply force to misplaced teeth and gently move them into position over time.

As these retainers can be taken out at the patient's discretion - such as to eat a meal or take a photograph - they provide them with a far more flexible and relaxed way of attaining a straighter smile.

This, alongside the principle fact that the transparent custom-built retainers become almost totally invisible when worn, may explain why so many people are turning to orthodontics here at Navan Dental.

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