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Tuesday, 10th March, 2020

Caring is what we do

Here at dentist Navan, caring for our patients and providing them with a premier dental service is at the heart of what we do. Our committed and devoted dental practitioners, assistants and staff do all that they can to ensure that patients feel they are in a comfortable, relaxed and welcoming environment. At dentist Navan, we recognise that a visit to the dentist can be stressful and bring about a large deal of anxiety for many. As such, we make it our duty to treat every patient with respect and care, and will never pass judgement on them, regardless of how long it has been since their last trip to the dentist's chair. 

Medical card holders

Our patients here at dentist Navan who are aged 16 or older, are entitled to dental care - entirely free of charge. Those who possess a medical card, or are members of the Dental Treatment Services Scheme (or DTSS) are entitled to a free oral examination yearly, to determine their overall levels of dental health and assess whether any further treatment is required. Eligible DTSS or Health Card holding patients are also entitled to free emergency dental care, if they are experiencing any sudden pain or trauma to their teeth which requires immediate assistance. This also covers instances where the patient's tooth has become infected and includes all extractions and up to two dental fillings per year. If a patient requires more than one filling per year, which is not covered by their DTSS or Medical Card, here at Dentist Navan we provide a heavily discounted service to those who require it, which starts at a very reasonable sum. 

Cosmetic dental whitening

Along with providing an entire range of DTSS and Health Card covered dental care, we are also a dentist who offers our patients some of the latest in cosmetic dentistry techniques. Unlike DTSS and Health Card funded dentistry procedures, cosmetic dentistry is a field which is focused entirely around making the patient's teeth look better on a superficial, visual basis - rather than addressing any structural concerns such as decay or toothache. One such cosmetic dentistry procedure which we've seen a considerable rise in the amount of patients enquiring about, is cosmetic whitening.

Why get professional whitening?

Professional, home-whitening kits like the ones we offer are one of the quickest and most effective non-invasive cosmetic treatments available and can have an overwhelmingly positive impact on the self-esteem and smiles of those who seek them. Many of our patients feel embarrassed about the shade of their teeth, which are often stained or discoloured due to habits such as smoking, drinking coke, black teas, black coffees, or red wine. By having your teeth professionally whitened through a home-whitening kit however, our patients can watch as their teeth visibly whiten, shade by shade, from the comfort of their own home. The process of receiving one of our home-whitening kits first starts with taking a mould of a patient's tooth structure, from which a custom-built retainer is formed. The patient is then given this retainer to take home, along with a peroxide-based whitening gel. Over the next few weeks, a thin amount of the gel is put inside the retainer and periodically worn over the patient's teeth. The gel acts by erasing any superficial stains on the patient's enamel and results in them having a visibly brighter looking, pearly white smile. 


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