Frequently asked questions on the option of ‘six month smiles’ orthodontics answered

Tuesday, 17th December, 2019

Most patients know that they need the help of orthodontist Navan to fix teeth issues that impact their smiles. What they often don't know is what their specific needs are. A dental practitioner is required to assess dental concerns, provide a treatment plan and monitor the progress of treatment for desirable outcomes. These are excellent reasons for choosing to receive orthodontist Navan treatment from a trained and experienced dentist instead of going the DIY route. At Navan Dental our patients have the option of choosing teeth-correcting devices that offer reduced turnaround times and that are very discreet. One such option is the use of devices to create six month smiles. A trusted dentist will oversee a patient's treatment from beginning to end.

Four commonly asked questions about six month smiles

The six month smiles system is an exciting option for many patients requiring orthodontist Navan treatment. With this great interest come many questions on how the system works. Find the most frequently asked questions from our patients below.

1. Who is suitable for six month smiles braces?

The six month smiles teeth-correcting devices can be used on patients from the age of 16 and up. The system works best on teeth issues such as crooked teeth and spacing and alignment concerns.

Patient suitability can only be reliably determined by having a trained dentist assess an individual patient's situation and needs. Due to the nature of how the system works, the treatment can fix minor issues and may not be appropriate for very complex cases

2. Can the system really produce results in just six months?

The specially designed system is able to offer patients a relatively shorter treatment time thanks to the efficacy of advanced technology, well-tested techniques and the use of modern materials. While the average time it takes for the system to work is six months, some patients achieve results from as little as four months while for others it may take up to nine months for desired outcomes.  Treatment time really depends on the individual patient.

3. Is there any discomfort when wearing the devices?

Any discomfort felt by the patients is only temporary. Most patients experience only mild discomfort. It is only natural for patients to expect and prepare for a period of adjustment while they get used to having braces or aligner trays inserted onto their teeth. 

4. Are retainers necessary after treatment?

Studies have revealed that teeth are at risk of moving out of position even after orthodontic treatment, so yes, we do recommend the wearing of retainers to ensure patients protect their new smiles. Our dentist can suggest a suitable type of retainer to suit a patient's individual needs.

For patients looking for a comparatively quicker option to address mainly cosmetic issues with their smiles, the six month smiles system is a great choice. The benefits include relatively lower orthodontic treatment costs and devices that are barely noticeable and comfortable to wear.

Need to make an informed decision regarding orthodontic treatment? Book a consultation appointment at Navan Dental today and our experienced dentist will discuss all teeth-correcting options available to you including the benefits and limitations of each. Give us a call now.


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