Great-looking and stable replacement teeth

Monday, 6th May, 2019

After you lose a tooth, the gap in your smile can make you feel funny about your appearance. If you're missing several teeth, it'll be harder to bite into and chew your food. You might change the kinds of food you eat, to make mealtimes easier. Temporary replacement teeth, fitted over the gums, can be helpful in restoring your smile's appearance, but they still require great care when eating and drinking.

Dental implants in Navan provide replacement teeth that function as well as natural ones. They stay permanently in the mouth, and integrate with your jawbone to restore the strength and stability you had with your natural teeth. At Navan Dental, dental implants are used to replace any number of missing teeth, from a single one to a whole set. They use small titanium posts, inserted into the jawbone by the dentist. The replacement teeth are then securely attached to the implanted posts after a short period of healing.

A personal difference

This durable tooth loss solution is customised to meet your personal needs. Using contemporary technology, we take detailed images of your mouth, and create precise treatment plans to maximise the effectiveness of your new teeth. As long as you have sufficient bone material and good enough oral health, we can begin the procedure after the initial consultation. Once they're in place, you can enjoy their many benefits.

Implant advantages

Dental implants in Navan bring several long-lasting improvements:

  • They remain in the mouth permanently. There's no messing around with adhesives, and you clean them just like natural teeth;
  • The stable base enables you to enjoy your favourite foods without worrying that the replacement teeth will fall out;
  • The implants help to prevent bone deterioration, and retain the firmness of your face's underlying bone structure;
  • Pronouncing certain words and phrases can be easier once the implants are in place.

As long as you care for the teeth properly, they could last for the rest of your life. They can bring a significant change to the way you feel about yourself, improving the aesthetic appeal of your teeth while enabling enhanced dental function.

To learn more about dental implants in Navan, get in touch with our helpful dental team today.

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