Helping you to combat tooth loss with dental implants Navan

Tuesday, 24th January, 2023

One of the worst experiences that any of us can go through in our lives is losing a tooth or several teeth in an unexpected way, as this is often a messy experience that leaves a lasting impact on our mouths. It must be made clear that though living with poor oral health and hygiene standards can be a contributory factor in tooth loss, it is by no means the biggest, as being involved in some kind of accident accounts for the vast majority of tooth loss cases in the United Kingdom.

If you have been involved in a road traffic incident or an accident in the home that created a sudden and strong impact to your mouth or jaw, causing one or more of your teeth to be lost on a permanent basis, then you may decide that you wish to find a way to replace the teeth you have lost.

In most cases, this will then bring you into contact with dental devices such as bridges, which are used to replace a single tooth or a small number of teeth in the same area of your mouth, or dentures, which are commonly used in cases of complete tooth loss. While these devices offer perfectly good solutions to tooth loss they do not offer you a permanent and fixed-in-place solution to your tooth loss.

At Navan Dental we are helping our patients to combat the tooth loss they have suffered via the use of dental implants Navan, which give them new replacement teeth that are fixed in place and feel completely natural.

A hard-wearing solution

We know that what you and other patients are looking for in any kind of tooth replacement treatment is reliability, meaning you want to know that the replacement teeth are suitable for everyday use and will not break when you are in the middle of eating. With dental implants Navan you will be getting a replacement treatment that is extremely strong and hard-wearing, allowing them to be able to cope with the rigours and hazards that teeth are exposed to during daily use.

Your new replacement teeth will be made out of strong materials which means that they are made to last you an entire lifetime.

First, a screw made from titanium is inserted into your jawbone to create a strong and sturdy base for your new tooth to be attached to. Your new tooth is made from a tough and hard-wearing ceramic crown, that is shaped and coloured to allow it to look natural and blend in with any remaining natural teeth surrounding it.

While the description above relates to replacing a single tooth, this is a versatile treatment that can be adapted to replace multiple teeth or an entire set of teeth. The professional involved in your dental care will be able to advise you about suitable uses of this treatment.

With the correct care, your new replacement teeth will last you an entire lifetime, but there is no need for you to learn any new oral care routine as you just need to brush your teeth twice a day and floss like you always have.

Getting your new teeth

If you want to find out more about how to get your new tooth then you should call our dental practice to find out more about dental implants Navan.

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