How dental implants in Navan can improve the health of your smile

Tuesday, 15th September, 2020

When you have missing teeth, it may go unnoticed the kinds of lasting damage that you might be unintentionally inflicting upon yourself if you neglect to do anything about it for extended periods of time. 

We always express to our patients the importance of replacing any missing teeth as quickly as possible. There are many reasons why this should be significant and how you can do so effectively. 

Firstly, you should understand that teeth are designed to work together and when one is removed, the rest will appear to compensate for it. This is how twisting of remaining teeth can occur and this can be quite detrimental not only to the appearance of your smile but also the health of it. You are more at risk of severe damage should you be unlucky enough to be in an accident as well.

If you do not replace missing teeth, you can find it more difficult to eat and chew foods that you were once able to. As a result you may find that you do not chew your food as properly and this can lead to digestive issues within your body. 

Respecting that your body is a holistic entity and that systems are intimately linked in ways we are even uncertain about still, we can all appreciate the impact that a poor digestive ability can have on your general health and wellbeing. 

Acknowledging that this complication may come from your oral health is a sign of a competent health care professional and is something that we seek to ensure is available to all of our patients by working closely with other professionals to ensure your general health is properly assessed. 

How can we replace missing teeth?

With dental implants in Navan, we are able to replace one, some or even all of your missing teeth in a durable and extremely long lasting fashion that proves to be extremely cost effective in the long run for those who face the need for decades of wear. 

This treatment uses a titanium metal rod that is inserted directly into the jaw at a precisely determined location to maximise comfort and minimise healing time. 

These dental implants in Navan can be worn by many as we have no upper age limit to the procedure, rather we look at your health and wellbeing to determine whether you are viable for this treatment. If we believe that you are able to heal well from this minor surgical procedure and have no underlying health problems dental implants in Navan that may cause unnecessary complications, then dental implants in Navan could very well be the solution that you are looking for to replace your missing teeth and improve your general health. 

By talking to a dentist about the opportunities that this treatment can offer you and discuss the potential disadvantages that are unique to your personal situation, you are able to determine whether this option is right for you so that you can enjoy a more attractive smile as well as a healthier outlook on life. 

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