How do I best prepare for a dental implant procedure?

Tuesday, 14th April, 2020

Dental implants Navan offer patients a functional and aesthetically-pleasing replacement for those who have lost one or more of their permanent adult teeth. This type of dental restoration solution is frequently recommended by dental practitioners to fill gaps in the dental arch left open, that may otherwise pose risks to the dental health of a patient.

Patients who meet all the basic requirements needed to receive dental implants Navan will have to undergo a surgical procedure in order for the artificial tooth root (usually a metal screw-like object) to be inserted into the jawbone. This procedure is indispensable to the treatment process and is what largely contributes to the efficacy of the treatment solution.

Seeing that dental implants Navan involve a surgical procedure, some patients may feel a little fearful of the treatment process, but they need not be if it is carried out by a dental practitioner with the required training and certification and relevant hands-on experience.

How should I prepare for a tooth replacement implant procedure?

Once we are assured that you are suitable for the tooth replacement implant treatment, our dental practitioner at Navan Dental will schedule a date convenient for you to receive implantation. We will discuss with you what you can expect during the procedure and what to bear in mind during the recovery process.

Any type of surgical procedure requires some level of preparation and for patients on dental implant treatment plans the following is useful information to take note of, before the actual implantation procedure.

  • Plan ahead for what lies after a procedure is carried out

Planning for your practical needs after having a surgical procedure has it rewards. Patients may want some downtime immediately after the procedure, so sorting out practical needs like what foods one is going to need is better done before the time. Soft foods are the favoured options  most often recommended by dental professionals for the period after dental surgical procedures.

  • Avoid scheduling important events close to procedure date

It is best to wait a few days after implantation before attending important meetings or events, so make there is enough recovery time available in your work or social diary when arranging a surgical date.

  • Arrange for ride home

Patients are not advised to drive home themselves after undergoing the implant procedure so making suitable arrangements well in advance is recommended.

  • Find out if restrictions on certain medications and supplements apply

Patients taking any particular health supplements or medication would do well to discuss this with our dental practitioner before the appointed date for the surgical procedure. Patients on medication like blood thinners, for example, may be asked to stop taking them before the implantation can take place, but patients are urged to check with our dental practitioner first if this is the case.

We understand that patients may be apprehensive as the implantation date draws nearer, but it is important for you to try and get sufficient quality of sleep on the night before the appointed date. You will want to be well rested, relaxed and dressed in comfortable clothing.

Navan Dental is a dental clinic with dental practitioners experienced in performing many implantation procedures with successful outcomes and happy patients. Find out if you make a suitable candidate for dental implants by contacting our front office team for a consultation appointment.

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