How important are scheduled check-ups at the dentist?

Tuesday, 28th December, 2021

When asked what keeps teeth healthy, most patients will answer, brushing teeth twice a day. Whilst daily oral hygiene obligations (brushing twice a day and flossing) are certainly a mainstay of good oral health, there are other equally important duties a patient should not forget. These are routine professional check-up appointment visits at the dentist Meath as well as observing good lifestyle habits that protect teeth longevity such as consuming healthy foods and beverages.

At Navan Dental, we take the oral health of our patients very seriously as we know the direct relationship between good healthy teeth and the quality of life experienced. Towards this aim, we have an experienced competent dentist Meath who places a strong emphasis on preventive dental care.

In modern dentistry, preventive dental care forms a proactive approach to ensuring patients enjoy strong healthy natural teeth and gums for life. Dental care is not all about treating problems when they occur (as was once practised) but preventing problems from developing so as to avoid the resultant pain and discomfort.

What is preventive dental care

Scheduled dental check-ups are an essential part of preventive dental care. A key part of preventive dentistry is the physical examination of the mouth and connected areas by a qualified dentist Meath

These checks allow for a dental practitioner to spot worrying signs that suggest all is not as it should be with a patient’s dental health. Dental experts have come to realise that tackling these signs as they occur goes a long way to preventing major oral health issues – thus the need for preventive dental care.

Patients will find that thanks to preventive dental care they can not only avoid unwanted pain and challenges linked to dental problems, but can save money by not having to fund treatments for major and complex issues.

Reasons not to miss routine dental checks

Regular dental appointments offer a wealth of benefits for the patient. The following are some of the main plus points of getting your oral health assessed by a knowledgeable dental health professional.

Screenings that include identifying evidence of dental diseases

An experienced dentist will concern himself with more than just the state of teeth and gums. Oral health checks should also include looking out for signs of serious diseases such as mouth cancers. Most patients are not familiar with oral cancers and will not know what symptoms to be aware of.

Professional trusted dental education

There is no better source of reliable dental health information than a dental professional. Check-up appointments are also a wonderful time for patients to get their questions and concerns addressed. We offer trusted advice that is specific to each patient’s situation.

Improved oral hygiene

Many patients will find that their at-home brushing routines are not enough to save their teeth from dreaded cavities. At routine check-ups, dentists can look out for signs of cavities and provide appropriate treatment to avoid the consequence of tooth loss.

For professional comprehensive consultations and trusted guidance from a qualified dental practitioner, contact our practice. Medical card patients including the Irish NHS are accepted at our dental practice.

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