How to ensure a positive experience at the dentist Meath

Tuesday, 25th January, 2022

At Navan Dental, we believe that offering excellent patient care is one of the standout features that make a great dental clinic. This is why we concern ourselves with ensuring our patients receive quality care from a highly capable and caring dental team.

As dental professionals, we are concerned about not just treating dental conditions but the oral health of our patients. To maintain optimal oral health for life, a patient has to implement a good oral hygiene schedule at home as well as visit our dentist Meath regularly for professional checkups. There is no getting around either of these two vitally important obligations.

One of the factors that hinder a patient from getting the care that they need is dental anxiety. When a patient dreads the dental chair, they are more likely to avoid visiting our dentist Meath and will ignore seeking treatment even if they need it. Patients often cite unpleasant past experiences as the reason for neglecting their dental health.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that patients choose their dentist Meath well to ensure a more positive patient experience. It is often a good sign if this chosen dentist favours a patient-centred philosophy to delivering dental care.

How to tell whether your dentist is patient-centred

Offering patient-centred care is a win for the patient as well as the dental practice. The patient benefits from compassionate care, and the positive experience they receive rewards the healthcare provider in numerous ways: happy patients translate into positive reviews, more recommendations and the retention of loyal patients. Once a patient receives good care, they will keep coming back for the same.

Patient experience has a lot to do with how well the dental practitioner engages with the patient. Dental care is not provided in a vacuum – a dentist has to obtain the trust and confidence of the patient. To do this, the dental practitioner has to come across as friendly, caring and approachable.

Actively listening to the patient, taking time to answer their questions, allaying their fears and checking whether they are comfortable during treatment are all ways to raise the patient experience.

A patient who feels empowered in their ability to take care of their dental health is more likely to make good choices in terms of improving oral health. A dental practitioner can help in empowering patients by checking that they are employing the right brushing and flossing techniques and using the appropriate dental tools designed for their individual needs. Patient education must be a critical cornerstone of quality dental care.

Evaluating the dental setting is another good indicator of whether a patient is more likely to have an elevated patient experience. How well has the dental practice catered to improving patient comfort? Is the waiting area pleasant and welcoming? What are the steps taken by the dental practice to ensure patients feel relaxed throughout their visit? Patients may do well to look at comfortable seating and the availability of free Wi-Fi facilities.

Retaining the loyalty of our patients is important to us. Our effort in promoting a positive dental experience is why Navan Dental continues to enjoy a good standing with patients. Make us the preferred choice for first-rate dental care and call us now to set up your next oral health check. We welcome medical card patients.

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