How to find a dentist Navan for nervous patients

Tuesday, 4th October, 2022

Do you experience sleepless nights before a dental appointment, or do you have your heart racing when thinking about sitting in the dental chair? Perhaps your blood pressure hits the roof? These are all common symptoms of dental phobia, a quite common complaint from a significant percentage of the population. At least 20% of people in the country, according to the Journal of the Irish Dental Association, report being afraid of visiting a dentist Navan.

There are different levels of dental phobia, starting with slight nervousness and extending to full-scale panic. For some patients exhibiting mild symptoms, this can be no more than the embarrassment of the state of their oral health, whereas, for others, it could be intense fear that prompts them to avoid the dental chair. It is this intense fear that places dental health at great risk.

Without a doubt, not receiving proper dental care from a professional dentist Navan can cause oral hygiene to deteriorate to the extent that tooth and gum health begin to decline, with disastrous consequences for oral health and overall wellbeing.

There is a varied range of causes that lead to patients becoming fearful of the dental chair. Some of these causes include unpleasant associations with the dental environment created during childhood visits, outdated treatment methods and procedures and negative or painful prior experiences.

We at Navan Dental would like to assure nervous patients that our dentist Navan is particularly sensitive and accommodating to the needs of those who are wary of sitting in the dental chair. In this post, we look at some of the methods you can employ to find a caring dentist.

Tips to find a dentist for nervous patients

For nervous patients, just any dental practitioner won’t do. If seeking dental care raises your anxiety levels, you will need to be careful in choosing your dentist. Some dentists have a natural ability to calm patients’ anxieties; others go out of their way to include modern dental techniques to ensure comfort during treatment.

At our dental practice, we have a friendly and caring dentist who makes patient comfort a priority. In addition to dental care with a special focus on patient welfare, we also offer sedation dentistry as an option for a higher level of relaxation.

Use distractions to your advantage. Listening to music or watching a TV show that helps you stay relaxed and calm during treatment is another effective technique to overcome dental phobia. These distractions help divert attention away from what the dentist is doing. Many dental practices, including ours, provide facilities such as ceiling-mounted televisions to help patients relax whilst in the dental chair.

It is important to speak to your dentist if you have any fears or anxieties about receiving dental care. Bringing this to our attention will allow us to find and use the best methods to help you.

We can advise on additional techniques to help you relax before your dental appointments, such as deep breathing and meditation. Some of our patients have also used visualisations and positive affirmation statements to great success.

Trust in Navan Dental for outstanding quality dental care. At our dental practice, Medical Card patients are welcome. Contact us today, and our friendly reception desk team will find an appointment date convenient for you.

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