How will I know if I need orthodontics Navan?

Tuesday, 19th October, 2021

Navan Dental can assist you by providing general dentistry and orthodontic treatments, following a careful and thorough dental examination. During the examination, we will take x-rays and, if necessary, a 3D scan so that we have a complete and accurate view of your oral cavity. Once we have assessed the results of the examination, we will be in a position to advise you on the correct treatment.

What conditions can be treated using orthodontic procedures?

We, at Navan Dental, are particularly interested in identifying problems associated with children's facial growth relating to their jaw and bite. We recommend that children are brought into our dental surgery when they are about a year old, and there are numerous reasons for this. We want children to feel comfortable with the environment of the dental surgery, including dental equipment, noises and smells. Your child will need to relax when our dentist takes a look into their mouth, using various instruments.

As well as all of that, we have the opportunity to identify any problems that may be manifesting as your child grows up. Our dentist can identify whether the teeth and jaw are misaligned in any way and suggest suitable treatments, such as those that may require the use of braces or aligners. Sometimes, it may be necessary to perform surgery to straighten your child’s teeth or install a dental appliance. These are all a part of orthodontist Navan, which we can advise you about and provide guidance when you make your decision. Helping your child early will ensure that they go through life with a healthy oral hygiene routine.

Not only for children

About a decade ago, teeth straightening was something only recommended for children, but today, this is not the case since Navan Dental treats many adult patients. It is unfortunate that patients still arrive at our surgery with teeth that were not treated when they were children. But now, with the advent of the smartphone camera and the ability to send pictures to family and friends, more people have identified the need for orthodontist Navan.

Our commitment to helping you smile

Here, we are fortunate to have Dr McMorrow, who is particularly interested in the brace appliances techniques of orthodontist Navan. In the past, braces were often thought of as those metal wires and blocks that children wore to school. These days, however, braces and aligners have evolved, and science and technology have provided the dental community with an array of these appliances. It is no longer necessary to suffer the embarrassment of posing in front of a camera or taking a “selfie” to share with someone.

Clear aligners are made of a clear dental material so that they are almost invisible and worn like a gumshield over the teeth. Several trays, each with a slightly different orientation, have to be worn for a few weeks and then replaced with another until the teeth have moved into the desired position.

At the end of the treatment plan, you can face the world and the camera, confident that your teeth are straight. Your radiant smile can be transported digitally around the world for your family and friends to admire.

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