Improve the quality of your daily life with the help of dental implants

Tuesday, 27th December, 2022

Here at Navan Dental, we are passionate about the health and happiness of our patients. We offer a range of treatments to help cater to all your needs and smile goals. A popular dental treatment is that of dental implants Navan, thanks to the incredible list of benefits it offers patients.

Due to dental implants Navan patients are able to enjoy life to the fullest and can have the freedom to eat and drink without hesitation or embarrassment. If you feel like your dentures or missing teeth are holding you back from living life freely, consider having dental implants Navan.

We are delighted to be able to offer this confidence-changing dental solution here at Navan Dental and look forward to seeing how we can help to transform your smile.

Visit our dental practice for all your dental implants needs and more

Here at the practice, we have highly qualified dental staff on hand who are happy to assist with your dental implant surgery. Rest assured you will be in secure hands and our dental practitioners have several years’ experience in helping patients to replace dentures and missing or loose teeth with dental implants. We offer patients a variety of dental solutions from single tooth implants to multiple teeth solutions.

Feel confident enough to smile freely and communicate positively at work

Thanks to dental implant surgery, patients will feel empowered to have the ability to smile freely and with confidence. If you currently have a gap in your front teeth that makes it difficult for you to smile without embarrassment, consider dental implants. Not only will they aid to restore your smile, but will help to boost your self-esteem levels in the process.

In addition to having the renewed confidence to smile freely, patients can look forward to feeling liberated when they communicate. Missing or loose teeth may negatively impact your ability to communicate fluently. Your tongue and teeth work closely together in order to form certain sounds. Missing teeth may impact this ability making it difficult to pronounce certain words or phrases. By having dental implants patients have been known to enjoy improved levels of speech and communication.

Enjoy discreet results with dental implant surgery

Did you know that with dental implants the implant not only resembles natural teeth in appearance but in function too? If you’re hoping to find a discreet, natural-looking replacement for missing or loose teeth, consider dental implants.

The implant can be colour matched to blend in with the shade of your surrounding natural teeth so that the final results are barely visible. In most cases, the implants can be mistaken for your original teeth. Thanks to incredible advances in modern technology and the expertise and qualifications of our dental staff, your implants will offer flawless results.

Patients can look forward to having no major discomfort following surgery

For those patients who may feel nervous about having the dental implant surgery, be reassured as the procedure is clinically proven to be efficient and offers minimal downtime. Patients can look forward to having no major pain and only slight discomfort in some cases. General over-the-counter painkillers are recommended to patients who may feel minor symptoms.

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