Is your smile getting the most from your dentist Navan?

Tuesday, 7th September, 2021

Care, with a smile

At Navan Dental, we’ve always endeavoured to be a dentist Navan our patients can fully and wholeheartedly rely on to provide them with the highest standards of dental care possible.

We are an award-winning dental practice in Navan, County Meath, that is firmly dedicated to offering a bespoke style of dental care that is tailored to fit the unique needs of the individuals we are treating.

Our practitioners understand the pressures which are associated with having teeth that look visibly deteriorated, stained, missing altogether or out of place - and never pass judgement on our patients, regardless of the state of their dental health.

The important thing, we believe, is that our patients trust us to guide them along their unique dental journey towards a healthier smile.

Often, the hardest part of any dental treatment is crossing the threshold of the dental practice, which is why we’ve worked tirelessly to create an environment in which patients feel relaxed and valued throughout every step of their treatment.

What can a dentist Navan do for my smile?

Here at Navan Dental, we feel that, as every patient’s smile is unique, so too should be the treatments we provide to improve them. For this reason, our dentist Navan always begins every treatment (both routine or complex) with an informative and friendly consultation.

We’ve found over the years that these consultations are the best way to let our patients explain to us in detail what they are looking to get from our dental service, and what specific aspects of their smiles they are unhappy with.

After we’ve discussed each patient's rationale behind seeking out dental care from us here at our practice, we can then begin putting together a custom-made treatment schedule that will ultimately achieve these goals at a pace that suits the individual concerned.

What sort of cosmetic dentistry treatments are available?

Cosmetic dentistry is a massively broad field of dental practice which continues to grow year after year, as new technologies and treatments are constantly emerging.

At Navan Dental we are dedicated to staying up-to-date with all the latest cosmetic treatments and procedures in order to give our patients the best service possible.

By far one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry which we routinely provide to patients of all ages is cosmetic dental whitening.

This is a cosmetic treatment that aims to brighten a patient's enamel and tooth colour by getting rid of extrinsic stains, which may have been caused by factors and lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking rich-coloured fluids like black coffee.

At Navan Dental we provide our patients with a custom-made tray which they can use to carry out at-home dental whitening.

This process initially involves a dental check-up to make sure a patient’s teeth and gums are fit enough for the whitening process to be effective. After this, we will then take impressions of the patient's tooth shape and structure, from which we will then build their custom-made trays.

Once these trays are constructed, patients can then take them home and apply a small quantity of the provided bleaching gel within them - before wearing them over their teeth periodically for a few weeks.

After this time, the patient's enamel should appear visibly whiter and healthier, as the peroxide within the gel cleans and clears away years’ worth of staining and discolouration.

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