Looking for a family friendly dentist in Meath?

Tuesday, 22nd February, 2022

We at Navan Dental are a family friendly practice offering a full range of dentistry treatments. So if you’re looking for a dentist Meath who can cover all the bases from those first check-ups to teenage teeth straightening, we could be the perfect fit for you and your family.

What do we offer for children?

Our dentist Meath can provide thorough care from that very first check-up right up until the later stages of life. We recommend children come and visit us for regular examinations ideally every six months -we charge a minimal amount if your child is still in primary school. During this examination we check all tooth and gum health, but also talk children through the basics of good dental hygiene. It's very important to us that we make a dental visit a calm and easy-going experience, so children are happy to continue to have regular visits to us without causing you or them distress.

As your child grows it may become apparent that they need or want to straighten out their smile. When their teeth have reached a mature enough point, usually around nine or ten, your dentist Meath can discuss with you both the best treatment plan.

What types of braces are available to my child?

Orthodontics for children have lots of different options. You can either use retainer style removable appliances, ceramic braces, or fixed traditional braces amongst others. When you come to visit us we will assess the work needed and what would be the best option for you. We accept medical card patients so you don’t need to worry about financial burden either.

Metal braces or traditional orthodontics tend to be the most effective and quickest way to attend to teeth - they are very effective at closing gaps, adjusting jaw alignment and separating overcrowding. It can take between 1 to 2 years for treatment to complete.

Sometimes before you have metal braces fitted you may need a preliminary brace such as a twin block - which can help with jaw development. 

We are also able to offer tooth coloured braces - these are made with white ceramic brackets or clear ones which makes the braces more discreet.

Other discreet brace treatments suitable for adults and children

Other discreet options we offer include the Inman aligner which works to straighten your front teeth within six to eight weeks.

The ClearSmile aligners are clear trays that sit over your teeth - they are very discreet, comfortable and convenient.

Six Month Smiles, this method uses the front teeth as primary focus and moves these to create a straighter smile within just six months.

What if my child needs a filling?

Sometimes stubborn bacteria get into those hard-to-reach areas and we can’t get to them with a brush to clean, this causes plaque and tartar build-up that then leads to tooth decay. When this happens the area will need to be professionally cleaned and then the decay removed. The process will leave nerves exposed and so will need to be filled. The main types of fillings available are amalgam fillings, composite fillings, layered composite fillings and glass ionomer fillings, all of which are available at our practice. We offer a friendly service and aim to make the process as calm and comfortable as possible.

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