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Tuesday, 5th October, 2021

Navan Dental has been providing value and quality dental service to patients both local and as far away as counties Donegal, Antrim and Kerry to name but a few. Our patients' wellbeing is our main priority and we want them to enjoy their visit to our dentist Navan. We believe that we demonstrate this by providing a comfortable and stress-free environment for you to enjoy.

Our refurbished and well-appointed waiting rooms have massage chairs to help you to relax, and there is free wifi access to surf the net or play games. We even have televisions mounted on the ceiling so that you can distract yourself while undergoing treatment. You can also select your own noise-cancelling music to help you relax during the procedure. We believe that, by making you feel more at home, we can promote preventive dentistry, encouraging you to maintain your dental regime, including regular six-month visits.

Our hours extend from Monday to Saturday, and late evening appointments can be made for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Moreover, we also do cater for emergencies. If you require wheelchair access, this is provided as well as a lift.

Early treatment

At Navan Dental, as part of our preventive dentistry crusade, we cannot stress enough the importance of introducing your child to our surgery as early as possible. We suggest that they be brought in as early as when they turn a year old. This will help make them familiar and comfortable with the sights and sounds of the surgery.

Initially, we will only perform a brief oral examination to, once again, allow your child to become comfortable with us looking into their mouth. All this early attention will instil a more positive image of the dental surgery, which will benefit them tremendously later. As they mature, receiving proper dental instruction on the correct oral hygiene regime will go a long way in preventing future dental problems.

Your community dentist

We pride ourselves on listening to our patients and taking their suggestions and comments on board. Over the years, our dentist Navan has expanded services to include not only general dentistry, such as tooth extractions and fillings but also root canal treatments and night guards for teeth grinding. The latest innovations in science and technology have meant that we have had to invest in the latest equipment. In addition to that, those advances have made it necessary for us to regularly attend updated training on new equipment and techniques to ensure you get a high standard of treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry is an area that has made enormous advances as the demand for whiter and straighter teeth grows. We have met this demand, providing dental veneers, implants, white fillings, retainers, tooth contouring and teeth-whitening. These are our most popular cosmetic dental treatments, and we do provide even more. Part of our dental training includes a thorough understanding of the bones, skin and muscles, especially those of the face, neck, head and shoulders. Therefore, we are well-placed to provide a variety of aesthetic procedures.

A dental experience designed around you

Our dentist Navan would like you to enjoy the benefits of a visit to our patient-focused and comfortable dental practice. Navan Dental is where your treatment and care are delivered as carefully as possible and innovations in equipment and techniques allow us to deliver high-quality dental care, ensuring your peace of mind.

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