Looking for dental implants Navan? What to expect during the procedure

Tuesday, 17th September, 2019

Whether you have a few teeth missing or you have lost all of your natural teeth, dental implants Navan can be a great solution to restoring your confidence.

Once reserved for the stars of Hollywood and royalty, dental implants Navan are now trickling down into more and more dental surgeries and can be offered to everyday dental patients at an affordable cost.

Despite their popularity, very few people know the intricate details of the implant fitting procedure. Many people worry about the treatment being uncomfortable and worry about horror stories they have heard circulating online.

At Navan Dental, our dentists have extensive experience of fitting implants for patients of different ages and with different clinical presentations at the initial consultation, so we are able to help you understand what happens during a typical dental implant fitting.

The initial consultation

When you decide you want to have dental implants fitted by our dental team, you will be invited to an initial consultation.

During this meeting, our dentists will assess the condition of your mouth and gums. If they feel you require bone grafting to help build up your jaw before the implant(s) are fitted, then this will be suggested.

If you have an adequate amount of jawbone, X-rays and scans will be taken of your mouth and both jaws, to help your dentist decide where they should fit the implants based on your desired final look. Once all this has been completed, you will be given an appointment for either the implant fitting or a follow-up appointment to discuss any treatments required before any implants can be fitted.

The fitting

Our dentists will provide you with a local anaesthetic and will gently open your gum line where they need to fit the implants. If you require multiple implants, this step may be completed over two appointments so you are not overwhelmed.

Once they have fitted the implants into your jaw, your gums will be sealed with dissolvable stitches. After all the implants are fitted, you will need to wait up to two months before having your new tooth or teeth fitted; our dentists need to ensure that your jawbone grows around the implants and forms new blood vessels, securing the implant and not rejecting it. This will be confirmed with an X-ray.

The prosthesis

If your implants have not been rejected, then it is time to fit the prosthesis!

This could be a single tooth (crown), a bridge or a set of dentures, known as an overdenture. These will be attached to your implants, providing you with both a usable set of new teeth and a great new smile.


You will need to maintain your implants as you would natural teeth, regular brushing and flossing are required to prevent gum disease.

You will also be advised to visit one of our hygienists to assess the condition of your gum line and your implants at least once a yea


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