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Tuesday, 22nd October, 2019

Regardless of your age, tooth loss or gaps in your teeth, can make you feel shy, and can even cause you to withdraw. In a world abuzz with social activity connected via social media, this can be a devastating blow to your social life.

The once gold standard of tooth replacement, the denture, has evolved for the 21st Century and today, more and more patients are opting for dental implants in Navan as a way to improve both their smiles and their confidence.

Why should you choose to have dental implants in Navan? Read on to find out!
Improved bite

While tooth loss has an obvious aesthetic impact, only those who have experienced losing teeth can appreciate how missing teeth can affect your bite strength, particularly if you have lost teeth at the front of your mouth.

As dental implants in Navan are attached directly to your jaw, they cannot move or wobble like other restorative methods and therefore feel just like a real set of teeth! No more avoiding biting into apples or corn on the cob - you can eat any food you desire without worrying about movement in your mouth.
Jaw regeneration

When we lose teeth, our jawbone recedes back, as it is no longer being used to keep a tooth in place.

While this may not seem like a big issue, if you have any remaining natural teeth surrounding the missing tooth, the receding jawline can cause it to become unstable and to move, and even to potentially fall out altogether. Implants stabilise the jawbone and encourage it to regrow, causing a more stable environment for any remaining natural teeth.


When you choose to have implants fitted, you will be amazed at how comfortable they are. As they are fitted to your jaw, they are unable to move, and do not cause ulcers or sores on your gums or in your mouth.

Due to their position, they do not cause any uncomfortable protrusions of the jaw, or any tensing of the facial muscles, to keep them in place, so they are really like having your natural teeth back!

Periodontal diseases
When you have an oral implant, maintenance is important, so you will need to brush and floss them regularly. Regular brushing and flossing in your mouth prevent bacteria accumulation, which stops periodontal diseases from forming, which is great if gum disease caused you to lose your natural teeth.

Many of our patients have been absolutely amazed at the confidence boost implants have provided them with. As implants don't move, can't be taken out and look like natural teeth, you are free to smile to your heart's content, without worrying about your teeth falling out!
Want to know if oral implants are right for you? Call a friendly member of our dental team to book your initial consultation today, and let's give you that natural smile you deserve


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