Missing teeth! Dental implants Navan, can help!

Tuesday, 29th November, 2022

Losing a tooth is a very traumatic experience whether it is as a result of tooth decay or an accident.

Dental implants Navan embrace the knowledge gained through dental science and technology, over the past seven decades. Our team utilises those years of development to be able to provide our patients with an alternative to bridges and dentures.

Constantly evolving

As new discoveries improve the skills and techniques of this procedure, our team at Navan Dental, attend regular seminars and training in dental implants Navan, to be able to provide our patients with the best treatment techniques available. More and more patients are becoming eligible for implantology treatment as bone augmentation develops. Ensuring that the density of the jawbone was sufficient to provide the stability required was a concern in the past, but that is rapidly changing. Bone augmentation is undergoing amazing research and development.

Computer programs and algorithms can now assist us by precisely providing placement of the dental implants Navan.

Procedure of choice

All the development surrounding implants has made this the treatment of choice to replace lost teeth. Bridges require a tooth or teeth to support the bridge and dentures require a method of ensuring that the denture stays in place. Because implants mimic the way in which our natural teeth are anchored into the jawbone, they are more permanent and stable.

The procedure

Implants allow for a patient to return to being able to chew their food without having to resort to a long-term change of diet. After a thorough examination which includes recording a patient’s full medical history a recommendation will be made and the patient will be the one who decides on the course of their treatment. The density of the bone may require some grafting. Once a decision has been made to proceed with an implant, a small incision is made in the gum and a hole is drilled into the jawbone, a titanium post is then inserted. This will act as the root which will provide a permanent and stable platform for the crown. A healing period will be required to allow the wound to close and the titanium to fuse with the jawbone. For the duration of this healing period a temporary crown will be fitted. Depending on the individual patient this time span will be anything from three to six months. Once this is completed a return appointment will allow the temporary crown to be removed. An abutment is then attached to the titanium post which allows more stability for the crown. The new crown, which will be coloured and shaped to match the surrounding teeth, is screwed into the abutment.

Dental functions restored

For about seven days after an implant, it is recommended to adopt a soft food diet to allow your mouth to heal properly. Once this period has elapsed, gradually returning to your normal diet is possible. Normal brushing and flossing should also be gradually introduced. After a few weeks a return to full dental functionality will be possible.

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