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Tuesday, 24th August, 2021

Breaking down the barriers of dental care to get every patient the teeth and health they deserve is the mission of our dentist Meath!

Rooted in our humble beginnings, we have been a clinic that reaches out, truly aiming to meet the needs of our tight-knit community. But, through our principal dental teams' formative years, we noticed many barriers which were not just financial. There were plenty of people around who could have accessed dental care but chose otherwise because of crippling anxiety. Some of this was not unjustified; dentistry of the 70s was often an unpleasant process that involved the dental team looking down on or loading their position of authority over the patient. In contrast, our goal is to learn from this and form a better dental clinic.

We engage closely with our patients, explaining every step of the procedure to continue progressing our bedside manner. Beyond this, we practice dentistry with minimal discomfort; every procedure will involve a thorough pretreatment with local anaesthetics and the site will be tested to ensure that it is appropriately numb before continuing any sort of work.

Intravenous sedation

For the most severe cases of dental phobia, our dentist Meath can provide intravenous sedation. This allows us to very quickly and consistently relax a patient using a technique known as twilight sedation. During this time, the patient will be able to answer questions and be directed to stand up and sit down but is unlikely to remember any aspect of the procedure or experience anything but a pleasant calmness whilst treatment is carried out.

Such IV sedation can be readministered at any time if the procedure turned out to be more complicated than expected. The drug commonly used at our dentist Meath is midazolam. It is well tolerated by the vast majority of people and is extremely safe but, before engaging in any sort of sedation, you will need to discuss any medications you are currently taking or any pre-existing conditions you may have. However, be aware that any form of IV sedation is not recommended if you are pregnant or think you might be.

We will not administer sedation to patients who attend the clinic alone; you will require a chaperone to travel safely, not only because of a reduction in your motor skills but also because you are highly suggestible during twilight sedation. It is not recommended to use public transport or travel long-distance under such conditions.

Is important not to eat or drink, especially alcohol 2 hours before any procedure involving sedation. For 24-hours following the procedure, do not operate heavy machinery or make make-large financial decisions but instead spend time resting.


Many anxious patients find the wait before their procedure particularly difficult. If you would like to attend the clinic exactly when your appointment is due to begin, please discuss this with the secretary when booking your appointment and it can be arranged for you to have the least possible waiting time.

If you require emergency dentistry and are worried about dental care in general, please get in contact with us.

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