Preparing your children for orthodontics Navan

Tuesday, 6th August, 2019

Braces are a big deal, especially for children. The thought of visiting the dentist is met with trepidation, so we know the heightened fear associated with seeing the orthodontist. 

Orthodontist Navan has changed since they were first invented; they are now smaller, discreet and comfortable for the wearer. 

That said, feeling nervous about having metal affixed to your teeth is normal, more so if you are a child with little understanding of how orthodontist Navan work to straighten teeth. 

Prepare your offspring for braces by doing the following. If your child has questions or uncertainties that you cannot soothe, let our expert, child-friendly orthodontist assist!

Talk to your child

Surprising your child with braces is the worst thing you can do; they should be mentally ready.

Be open and honest with them about what they are about to experience, and make them feel that they are part of the process, and not merely having decisions made for them. 

Also, tell them why they need braces and what might happen if they do not correct their teeth while they are still young. 

Make the idea of having braces fun and exciting. Help them customise their braces with colourful elastic bands, and get them looking forward to their next orthodontic appointment knowing they can change their bright bands for new ones. 

Tell them about the procedures of having braces fitted

It is highly unlikely that your child has ever sat in a dentist's chair for as long as they will when getting braces, which is understandably daunting and scary.

Calm their nerves by assuring them that the procedure is a standard one, performed by several orthodontists on thousands of people each year, and is not at all dangerous. 

Be honest about the pain, because they might experience some level of discomfort while their teeth adjust to the new and unfamiliar device. If they do feel anxious about the pain they are in, provide relief and manage tender teeth with over-the-counter painkillers.

Stick to soft food: but be creative about it

The pressure placed on your teeth by the metal of their braces will make your child's set of pearly whites sensitive to the touch, which means them sticking to a soft diet featuring yoghurt, mash potato soup, rice and pasta and other foods that do not require much chewing. 

You should also stock up on chilled food, the cold of which provides temporary relief for a sore mouth. 

Ease frustrations

The effect of braces are permanent, but the process to get there is a slow one. Your child might need to wear braces for up to two years, which is a lengthy amount of time for any child. 

Remind them that braces are temporary, and the confidence they will have with straight teeth is lifelong. 

Teach your children about orthodontist Navan so that they are ready for when the time comes for braces.

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