Prioritise your oral health; find a dentist Navan who is right for you

Thursday, 11th July, 2019

When it comes to one's mouth, a person is understandably uncomfortable at the thought of a stranger poking and prodding inside it. Whether it is for a routine check-up and clean, or includes more complicated procedures to treat abnormalities, your session in the dentist's recliner chair is unavoidably invasive. 

Finding a dentist who is right for you is no mean feat and is a trial and error process. We are a dentist Navan. Come and have a chat with us at Navan Dental to see if we can assist you with your needs. If you are not in the area, the following tips and advice might help you find the right oral health practitioner in proximity to you.

What dentist Navan do you need?

You might be new to an area or have recently switched dental plans - whatever your reasons are, you are looking for a new dentist for you and your loved ones.

While researching dentists, you need to know what kind of dental work you want to have done, which might include the following:

  • Regular check-ups for cleaning and relatively straightforward procedures, like filling cavities for examples. Here a general dentist can fulfil your needs.  
  • For cosmetic treatments, like gum lifts or tooth reshaping, you should see a specialist with the right skills for the best results. 
  • If you want a dentist with a child-centred approach, a paediatric dentist might be more suitable than a general dentist. This is because he or she has studied child psychology and behaviours and will know to placate a nervous child, making them feel comfortable during their dental appointment.  
  • You might want straight teeth, in which case you can ask your current dentist to recommend an orthodontist near you. An orthodontist's expertise is in treating misaligned teeth and problematic overbites, usually treated with an orthodontic device, such as braces. 

Finding your dentist online

In this day and age, you will not find the contact details of dental practitioners in the phone book but online. On searching, you will be provided with a vast selection of dental clinics, so how do you choose?
There are ways to make your search easier.

  • Double-check their board certifications for qualifications and black marks against their names - these are easily attained public records. Knowing the above will help you find the right medical professional for you through a process of elimination. 
  • A professional website is not necessary, but one with a well-designed layout with lots of information about their staff and the treatments offered might help you make your choice quickly, and will prevent you from wasting time visiting various dental rooms. 
  • Ask friends or other medical professionals, like your pharmacist or doctor for a referral. These are usually unbiased and truthful reflections and testimonials. 

One that falls within your dental insurance network

You could find that your ideal dentist might not be listed on your dental insurance network. In this case you might need to adjust your wants and needs. There are plenty of highly qualified and experienced oral health providers who can meet your expectations of excellent dental care. 

Luckily for you medical card patients from the Irish NHS are accepted by us too.

Looking for a dentist Navan can be tough. Make sure you find the right one using the criteria mentioned above. 

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