Qualities and skills a dentist Meath should display to provide you with exceptional service

Thursday, 18th July, 2019

Many people hate going to the dentist and fear the worst. Unfortunately, it is something that has to be done twice a year to keep infections and tooth decay at bay. 

If you are unsatisfied with your current dentist and you are looking for someone new, here are the qualities you should look for that we, at Navan Dental and other reputable dentists Meath, can provide for you and your family. 

A friendly demeanour

Whilst having the right skills to treat you is imperative, a friendly bedside manner goes a long way to calm the nerves of anxious and stressed patients. 

In the past, some dentists were regarded as cold and unemotional, not taking into account patients' feelings while administering invasive and uncomfortable procedures. These days, friendliness is key, especially when it comes down to treating younger patients. 

A successful dentist should have the following traits. 

  • Be easy to talk to and someone with whom you feel comfortable.

You need to fully disclose any problems or developments with your teeth since your last visit. Not being able to tell your dentist about your concerns, due to being embarrassed or feeling judged, is problematic if you wish to receive fully informed treatment. 

Dentists Meath are professionals who are there to help and treat you. They also come with a wealth of knowledge and experience, having seen similar issues to your's in other patients.

  • Display trustworthiness

As someone who might need to inflict pain on others, a good dentist wants their patients to trust them implicitly. Your dentist must be open, providing you with a full diagnosis which is easy to understand. They need to explain the steps to be taken in treatment and the side effects of the procedure that you may experience. 

No one likes having foreign objects in their mouths that cause discomfort, but the process is made easier for you knowing that your dentist is only doing what is best for your oral health. 

  • Good communication

An intuitive dental practitioner communicates well with their patients and can recognise the signs that patients might be experiencing distress. He or she should ask you how you are feeling throughout the process and offer quick breaks in between.  

  • Have a bright, clean and airy waiting room 

Your local dentist might be friendly, kind and understanding, but if you are not satisfied by the appearance of the dental practice, you will probably not go back. A waiting area that is dark, gloomy and unsanitary does not make for the best impression.

A waiting room should relax you, with calming background music playing and magazines to read. Children's books are a huge help in distracting younger patients. 

At the same time, you should avoid dentists who possess tools and equipment that are old and outdated. An excellent dental practitioner does not necessarily need state-of-the-art technology, but should keep up with new trends in the interests of their patients.  

Skills and training

Type 'Dentist Meath' on a search engine, and you will come across several options from which to select. How do you find the right dentist for you?

Check the dentist's website for credentials - the place of education and how many years experience they have. They might also have the specialised skills that you are looking for - like orthodontics, for example. 

Find a dentist Meath who is not only highly qualified and competent, but one with whom you have a good rapport and who matches your needs.

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