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Tuesday, 9th April, 2019

When patients visit us for braces at Navan Dental, we like to kick off the process with a thorough examination and consultation. During your first visit, our orthodontist in Navan will examine your teeth and jaw, will discuss your goals and aspirations and will go over all the available treatment options. We love answering your questions as all this information will help you make an informed decision.

What types of treatment do you offer?

Metal braces have been around dentistry for a long time and for many decades they were the only option for straighter teeth. However, we appreciate that most adults don't want to draw attention to their teeth and unfortunately, metal brackets and wires, no matter how discreet they are, can still attract interest.

At Navan Dental, we offer both regular and cosmetic braces and retainers that work for patients of all ages, because we firmly believe that having a choice is really important. After all, different people have different needs.

How long will my treatment last?

While we want to be as precise as possible when designing your treatment plan, it's not always possible to know the duration of your treatment with braces from the beginning.

A number of different factors can influence the duration of your orthodontic treatment, including the type of braces you are using and the complexity of your dental problem.

An average estimate for most types of braces is 12 months, however, some people may require more or less time than this to straighten their teeth.

What kind of experience and qualifications do you have?

All of our orthodontists have finished dental school and have received additional training in orthodontics. They are trained in the latest techniques and treatments available and are certified to provide all the teeth straightening treatments available in our practice. At Navan Dental, we value experience and education and we bring our patients the best of both worlds via our talented and knowledgeable orthodontists.

These are only a few questions you can ask your orthodontist in Navan before you start your treatment. Knowing exactly what to expect and knowing how you will feel is really important since it will allow you to start treatment feeling confident and excited.

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