Reasons why Navan Dental is a cut above the rest

Tuesday, 6th October, 2020

Since opening our doors in 1997, we’ve become the one-stop dental clinic for a wide array of dental issues for all family members. Our relationships with patients are strong and built on years of trust. Our dedicated dental team is committed to improving dental health among our patients and providing people with beautiful smiles. In this article, we’ll discuss how we’ve earned our patient’s loyalty and why you should entrust us with your teeth.

We’re a multi-award-winning clinic

Our dentist Navan has won numerous accolades for service excellence. We’ve shown to the public that we’re not just skilled at dentistry, but possess a bedside manner that’s friendly, personable, and interactive. We understand that some individuals associate the dentist with pain, discomfort, and uncaring medical professionals. A visit to our clinic will dispel these beliefs, making you see that these appointments shouldn’t be feared or regarded with apprehension.

Our practice is unique

You’ll notice that the design and atmosphere aren’t cold and clinical but warm and relaxed. We’ve recently revamped our space - we like our new style and hope you do too!

Great facilities

Your happiness is our priority, which is why our Wi-Fi is complimentary. Attend to emails or surf the web while you wait for your dentist’s appointment. TVs are mounted to the ceilings in the treatment. Sit back in our comfortable recliner chairs and watch the sport or the news while we take good care of your pearly whites.

We promote healthy teeth, and Colgate smiles

We offer the best comprehensive treatments, affordably. We repair, fix and alleviate dental issues, providing you with a million-dollar smile and teeth that won’t restrict your daily activities.

That said, we spend a lot of time educating our patients about oral health, which includes demonstrations of the best brushing techniques and flossing. We do everything in our capacity to stop preventable issues from recurring due to neglect or lack of knowledge about dental hygiene.

We offer various treatments

We provide various treatments, ranging from standard checkups and teeth restoration surgeries, through to dental emergencies and aesthetic procedures to enhance your facial appearance.

Whatever your issues are, we'll discuss them with you and provide you with the best possible solutions customised for you.

We have experience with nervous patients and children

Do you or your children get anxious about seeing the dentist? Let our dentist Navan know, and we'll help you or your offspring through the process.

Our opening times are flexible

We keep our dentist Navan open as late as 7 pm on Mondays, Wednesday, and Thursdays, knowing that people lead hectic lives.

We’re not far from Dublin

A 35-minute train ride takes you from Dublin CBD to your practice. If you can’t afford city prices, come to our practice for affordable and high-quality dental care.

Parking available

Take away the stress of having to find street-parking by utilising the bays near to our practice.

We accept patients with medical cards

We’re one of the few practices around that offer a discounted pricing system to Irish NHS patients, meaning you don’t have to pay a fortune for teeth-saving procedures and treatment.

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