Replace missing teeth with dental implants in Navan

Tuesday, 9th June, 2020

For anyone who has lost a tooth, there is a treatment available that can restore their smile to full functionality again. Dentures or bridges have their place and are effective treatment options for many individuals, however some people may find that they do not tick every box when it comes to comfort, convenience and longevity. 

Dental implants in Navan can be positive alternatives which offer decades worth of problem free convenience, without the potential negative side effects that other treatments can have. This treatment is currently the only one available that remedies the issue of jawbone degradation and this can be a major deciding factor for many of you who are concerned about this natural occurrence. 

When teeth are lost, the jawbone no longer receives the correct stimulation to encourage it to replace lost cells. Energy is spent elsewhere in the body, as without stimulation, the body believes the jawbone is no longer used as it once was. As a result, the bone degrades and recedes away.

For remaining teeth, this can reduce stability and result in more teeth falling out prematurely. For the face structure, the cheeks can appear sunken in and make an individual appear older than they really are. 

If you want to avoid this, then discussing the possibility of it happening and using dental implants in Navan to avoid it may be a wise decision. We will happily advise you of the advantages and any potential risks that may be associated with your experience of receiving this treatment. 

What exactly are they?

Dental implants in Navan consist of a titanium rod 'tooth root' and a realistic looking and feeling crown that is the visible part of the tooth. We can also attach bridges to a single implant and support entire dentures with them as well, otherwise known as denture stabilisation or same day teeth. 

A minor surgical procedure is required to place the titanium rod into the jawbone. It is placed here so that it can fuse with the bone over time and create a stable and secure site for the crown or bridge to sit. This is also how the jaw remains stimulated as it is involved with the tooth as it is with other tooth roots, rather than a replacement tooth simply sitting on the gums. 

It will take several weeks to heal and several further months to ensure that effective fusion has taken place. During this time and after, it is important that you keep the site clean and healthy to avoid infection. 

Although this treatment has an immensely high success rate, as with any surgical procedure there is a minor risk of infection and this can significantly reduce the chances of a successful outcome if it occurs. 

Make sure that you follow our guidelines in keeping the site and your mouth healthy and come in when requested, so that we can ensure your oral hygiene and health is managed and maintained. 

We look forward to offering you a solution to your missing teeth concerns and allowing you the joy of a fully functional and beautiful smile again. 

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