Restoring proper function and cosmetic refinement!

Tuesday, 14th March, 2023

The treatment of misaligned teeth and jaws has been made more accessible to patients due to improved training and equipment. Patients with a variety of dental misalignment conditions want straighter teeth and the confidence to be able to display their joy by smiling without feeling self-conscious. Our team has the confidence to deliver orthodontics Navan treatments that can improve the lives of our patients. Our treatment will allow patients to chew their food correctly, speak without any impediment and allow them to enjoy a healthy oral cavity with the aid of regular oral hygiene maintenance. In addition they will no longer feel embarrassed because of their misaligned teeth.

Progress through discussion

Delivering the best treatment for our patients must first start with a dental examination to identify the condition and its severity. Dental misalignment takes many forms and can be hereditary, through thumb sucking or being on a baby bottle for too long. Once a member of our team has had time to conduct a thorough examination, we will discuss our findings and encourage you to get involved by asking questions. Any dental treatment requires a lot of patient compliance and it is after all your mouth that we are discussing, so your enthusiastic involvement is vital. The best treatments that suit you and will be most beneficial in correcting your condition will be suggested. There is no pressure to agree to a treatment and no time limit, we identify and advise you as the patient and you inform us of your decision. Once you have decided to proceed we will create a comprehensive treatment plan.

Clinician and technology in harmony

To be able to deliver twenty-first century orthodontics Navan procedures requires us to stay up to date on techniques and equipment, which is done by attending regular seminars and training on the latest developments. Your treatment plan will be carefully created which will contain all the details of your treatment. There are numerous types of dental braces and aligners, all with their own specific strengths. The treatment that you will receive is designed specifically around you and is the result of your examination and the information that you have given us. You may be flamboyant and want a colourful dental brace or you may require a more discreet clear coloured version. You may prefer a brace that fits on the back of your teeth or an aligner that fits over your teeth. An aligner that is removable to allow you to eat and drink and brush your teeth may be preferable. Whatever your decision we will provide you with the appliance that is best suited to you and which will produce the best results.

Making your decision as easy as possible

We use 3D scanners and algorithms to produce a complete image of the inside of your mouth. To help you make your decision we will provide you with a virtual image of how your smile will look, once treated. Everything is digitised and therefore we can dispatch your information to the laboratory quickly, speeding up the process. There are now apps which can help monitor the progress of your treatment. The apps will also identify if any adjustments are required. Modern orthodontics Navan treatment relies on a patient's commitment and discipline. To make treatment more accessible we accept Medical Cards for some dental procedures, so you have every reason to come to our dental surgery and have your dental issues addressed.

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