Straightening teeth with orthodontics in Navan

Tuesday, 22nd September, 2020

Straighter teeth are known to be healthier because there are fewer hard-to-reach places that can harbour bad bacteria and allow for plaque and tartar to grow. Even using appropriate tools sourced only from a dentist, brushing and flossing can be difficult when teeth are closely cramped together and even crossed over.

Over time, plaque and tartar does build up and this reduces the general health of your mouth and compromises the strength of your teeth. If not attended to properly, these teeth will present with cavities over time which may even result in tooth loss before long.

Besides this health factor, having straight teeth is looked upon by many people as a sign of good health and wealth. In today’s society, it is expected for people to have perfect looking teeth and often we are judged unconsciously for not having them.

A misaligned bite can need immediate attention or can be overlooked for years. You may find however that a headache, neck pain, stomach issues as mentioned before or even premature wearing down of teeth can be the implication of the need for orthodontist Navan.

If there is something we can do about it, which there is, then action should be taken for both your physical and mental wellbeing. Seeking the support and guidance of a professional who has been specifically trained in orthodontist Navan allows you to get the best possible advice and care available.

What can a professional do for me?

Orthodontist Navan deals with the alignment of your teeth and the position of your bite. If either are out of alignment, then we are able to straighten them using a variety of devices that suit your needs and lifestyle choices.

Traditional fixed braces are still popular because they give us the most control over the movement of your teeth. They are perhaps the best choice still for those who have severe misalignments for this reason.

But if you only have a mild or moderate misalignment then your options widen significantly. Removable devices are great for those committed individuals who are looking for a discreet and modern option.

These plastic aligners are simply changed every few weeks and over time, your teeth are gently pushed into their correct alignment. This technique is perfected by the iTero scanner which digitally pinpoints the precise location and movement of your teeth throughout the treatment and creates the trays that you wear.

If you are interested in other invisible or very discreet teeth alignment options, then tooth coloured fixed devices or those affixed to the back of your teeth are all potential options for you. We can also offer a very fast and effective treatment that requires less time at the dental practice, something that is also important to working professionals looking to juggle a lot during their teeth straightening journey.

Known as 6 Month Smiles and holding true to its name, this treatment only takes 6 months to complete and by using muscle memory in the wires that are attached to the brackets that are placed on your teeth, the device simply pulls teeth into alignment gradually without much dentist intervention.

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