Straighter teeth for children and adults with orthodontics in Navan

Tuesday, 9th July, 2019

Everybody wants straight teeth, but very few relish the idea of wearing metal braces for one to two years. orthodontist in Navan is changing lanes. Straightening aids are becoming smaller, discreet,and more comfortable for the wearer. It is not just the end result that matters, but the treatment process and how to make it as easy and pleasurable as possible. 

Visit our dentist, Dr McMorrow at Navan Dental, who has a passion for making straighter teeth possible for everyone, no matter what their age nor how complex their teeth and bite issues are.

The changing appearance of braces

Not so long ago, orthodontist in Navan had very few straightening devices, and these were often dubbed unattractive and would dissuade people from having their teeth corrected. 

Mostly adolescents opted for orthodontic treatment but very few adults. The notion back then was that sporting metal on your teeth, wrapped in luminous coloured elastic bands, was for children growing up and going through puberty, and not adults climbing the corporate ladder, trying to jump-start their careers. 

While the stigma remains, more and more grown-ups who have suffered from crooked teeth their entire life are reconsidering braces, especially invisible braces, ceramic or clear braces and Six Month Smiles.

Almost invisible braces

Invisible braces have been designed for the self-conscious person in mind, who wants straight teeth, but is unwilling to sport metal braces that draw attention. At the same time, invisible braces are low maintenance and work around your life. Slip them in before work, take them out to eat and drink, and carry on with your busy day. The only people who will know that you are wearing them are ones you decide to tell.

Patients receive multiple custom-made aligners, designed with up-to-date technology. Each set, which are slightly altered to match the desired alignment in stages, will move your teeth gradually into place. This may be over months or years depending on the nature of your issue and the time needed to have it corrected. 
Ceramic braces vs invisible braces

Their removable nature might be an attractive feature for some, but invisible braces require self-discipline that many do not have. Invisible braces are only useful if you keep them in for most of the time throughout your treatment, not only when you feel like it. At the same time, they are costly to repair if you lose them. 

Ceramic braces are a fixed orthodontic device, meaning only an orthodontist can take them out. This brace system works similarly to conventional methods, but instead of metal, the bracket is made out of a porcelain material that blends in with your teeth. The braces are not invisible, but they are hardly noticeable to the unknowing eye. 

A straighter smile minus the lengthy treatment

People complain about the lengthy treatment time because they are impatient to show off their perfect teeth. What if there was a way to reduce the time?

Six Month Smiles is a predominantly cosmetic treatment that partially straightens your front teeth so that you can enjoy endless smiles in front of the camera. 

Make straight teeth a reality with orthodontist in Navan.

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