The importance of good oral hygiene

Tuesday, 8th June, 2021

Visiting your dentist on a regular basis

An effective daily hygiene routine is important for maintaining good oral health, and regular visits to our dentist Navan can make sure that your brushing and flossing techniques at home are effective, that your mouth is clean and healthy and your teeth are free of any dental issues. Our dentist will carry out a full examination of your mouth, with a professional clean where necessary and this can help remove any plaque or tartar which may be building up in those hard to reach areas.

Plaque is continuously forming on the surface of your teeth, and if brushing is not effective enough then over time when plaque remains on the teeth it hardens to form tartar, which cannot be removed with brushing alone. The build up of tartar requires professional cleaning at the dentist and if left untreated it will begin to affect the aesthetics of your smile. It can also lead to the development of many serious dental issues and concerns, such as gum disease which can progress to periodontal disease, which if left untreated can lead to tooth loss. Visiting your dentist Navan regularly is vital in the prevention of dental diseases, and if any issues do present themselves then we will be able to detect them early on ensuring a greater chance of successful recovery with minimal or no damage to surrounding dentition.

Achieving a beautiful smile and improving your oral health at the same time

The build up of plaque and tartar can occur as a result of poor oral hygiene, however sometimes you may have an excellent dental hygiene routine at home, but due to misalignment of your teeth, crooked teeth or overcrowding of your teeth, you're brushing and flossing techniques at home may not be sufficient. Misalignment issues create hard-to-reach areas where bacteria can accumulate and this can lead to many dental problems.

Orthodontics is the field of dentistry which is concerned with the correction of misalignment issues with your teeth and jaws. Orthodontics use different types of dental braces to straighten your teeth and not only does this improve the aesthetics of your smile, but when the teeth are aligned properly then they are easier to keep clean and will therefore increase the overall health of your teeth and gums.

Six Month Smiles

If you are suffering from crooked, wonky or misaligned teeth then Six Month Smiles at your dentist Navan could be the perfect solution for you. Most adults are reluctant to have conventional orthodontic treatment which uses metal wires and braces, as they are highly visible in the mouth. Six Month Smiles is a discreet and modern method of improving the appearance of crooked and misaligned teeth within the mouth which has increased greatly in popularity amongst adults. This is because they are very subtle and although they use brackets and wires too, these are either white or tooth coloured, to match your natural dentition and to avoid drawing unwanted attention to your mouth. As the name suggests Six Month Smiles has a much shorter treatment period in comparison to conventional metal braces, and aims to deal with your misalignment issues in just six months.

Medical cards are accepted here at Navan Dental.

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