Is it time for a check-up at the dentist? Here’s how to make a visit to the practice count

Tuesday, 7th April, 2020

A visit to the dentist Navan should not only be for when you experience painful symptoms in your teeth, gums or jaw. Scheduled visits to Navan Dental at regular intervals go a long way to preventing facial pain and dental complications from developing in the first place.

Our dentist Navan will conduct a thorough assessment of your dental health by examining the condition of your teeth and gums. Patients will also be asked about their home oral hygiene practices, diet, lifestyle and medical history to get a holistic view of a patient’s situation. These questions should not be seen as an intrusion into your personal life nor would we like a patient to be embarrassed about their answers. Your answers to any questions our dental practitioner may pose will provide insight on what may be causing a dental issue and help our dentist Navan to prescribe the most suitable treatment action plan.

What to do during a dental appointment

  • Draw up a list of concerns

If you have an appointment with the dentist coming up, it is important to note down all dental-related issues that you are concerned about to discuss with our dental practitioner. The list can include worrying symptoms that have begun to appear: inflamed gums or you may have noticed that your teeth suddenly appear longer than they used to. It would be useful to have a closer look at your mouth before the visit. You will know if something looks or feels strange or where the pain is when you bite down on something. Maybe you have noticed a sore on the inside of your cheek or on your tongue that has not gone away. All of these should be on your list of concerns to discuss.

  • Make sure to update your patient profile

We often find that there is much to discuss with patients during their check-up appointments; a new concern may arise or we may have new information to impart to patients about their treatment plans, so it may happen that you forget to mention any changes to your physical health. If you have changed prescribed medication or have developed a medical condition that was not present at a previous dental check-up, it is important to let our dental practitioner know. Changes in chronic medication or the progression of a medical condition can impact on dental health too.

  • Update contact details

If it has been a while between dental appointments and you have moved home, changed employers or have a new telephone number for a family member, please be sure to let one of our reception team know so that they can update your patient information records.

At Navan Dental we offer a myriad of treatments and procedures dedicated to maintaining your dental health. We ask our patients for their honesty during their check-up appointments so that we may accurately diagnose a problem. We also commit to finding tailor-made dental solutions to help patients find their way to optimal dental health. Let one of our experienced dentists answer your questions or concerns relating to your dental health by scheduling an appointment today, we welcome medical card patients

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