Top questions about professional teeth whitening answered by a dentist

Tuesday, 28th April, 2020

For most patients interested in teeth whitening, speedy results are paramount. This is the major difference between DIY teeth whitening and having a dentist Meath Navan supervise a teeth whitening treatment session. We take the time to look at some of the more pertinent questions our patients need to ask when enquiring about teeth whitening at our practice.

Five questions patients have about teeth whitening treatments

How do whitening products used at home and those used in a dental practice differ?

As is the case with many other types of products that are available for either home use or services carried out by industry experts, patients usually concern themselves with the difference in cost. When it comes to teeth whitening, patients are encouraged to look beyond just the price factor as there is more to consider when looking to lighten the colour of stained or discoloured teeth.

Teeth whitening products that are widely available in shops are effective only to a certain extent, and when used incorrectly, can have an abrasive effect that damages teeth. The products available to a dentist Meath Navan, contain a better formulated solution that delivers more effective brightening results. Higher levels of more powerful ingredients need to be used with great care and skill, which a professional dental practitioner possesses.

How long do professional teeth whitening procedures usually last?

The lasting effects of teeth whitening performed in a dental practice range from one month to about a year or two, depending on the habits and situation of a patient’s unique case. Ways to extend the results include avoiding habits such as smoking and staying away from beverages and foods that are reputed to cause staining.

Is it advisable to consult a dentist Meath Navan before attempting to whiten teeth?

Yes at Navan Dental we urge patients to first come in and chat with one of our dental practitioners when concerned about the colour of their teeth. There are many reasons why teeth may appear to look darker than they once were and some of these reasons relate to the structural health of teeth, which a dental practitioner needs to diagnose. Failure to ascertain the real cause of tooth discolouration will not only put the desired result at risk, but also jeopardise the overall dental health of the patient.

How long is a teeth whitening session at the dentist?

Patients can expect a professional teeth whitening treatment session to last about an hour. Sometimes an appointment can be extended if the patient requires a more thorough dental check-up.

How many teeth whitening treatments will I need?

Teeth whitening treatments are not a one-size-fits-all treatment as outcomes depend on the patient’s situation and the goals they want to achieve. For some patients a one treatment session may do the trick, while for others they may need more than one visit. A proper consultation at our clinic is the best way to determine what is best in the patient’s interests.

Attain the bright smile that you want the safe and most effective way – book a consultation with our experienced dentists at Navan Dental. Our services are available to medical aid card patients.

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