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Tuesday, 29th March, 2022

Keeping our patients happy

At Navan Dental we feel it is our responsibility, as a trusted and reputable dentist Meath, to offer our patients the fullest possible scope of dental treatments. This can help them boost the appearance of their smiles, as well as the frequency with which they use them.

While some people may consider the work of a dentist to be a primarily responsive solution to problems that have arisen through injury or lack of proper dental hygiene, here at our practice we believe in treating potential dental problems before they have the opportunity to develop. Taking this proactive approach has helped us gain a reputation as a dentist Meath our patients know they can depend on.

What does a dentist Meath offer?

Our practice is divided into areas of care one of which is general dentistry, covering everything from extractions and root canal therapy to emergency care. We also specialise in cosmetic dentistry which focuses on making your teeth look their best and includes treatments such as dental whitening, cosmetic orthodontics and dental implants.

Alongside the two main areas of our practice, we also offer a selection of facial aesthetics treatments which aim to minimise the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines through wrinkle injections, facial fillers and liquid or non-surgical facelifts.

We also provide lip enhancements through this same branch of our practice - which is spearheaded by our highly efficient and professional expert Dr David Buchanan who has eight years of first-hand experience working within this field and is fully qualified and certified to carry out these cosmetic procedures safely.

Due to the fact that we provide such a breadth of treatments to our patients here at the practice, we’ve found that the easiest way for them to make a decision about any possible procedure is to first speak with one of our team members through a consultation.

This allows us to detail what your various options are, as well as ask specific questions relating to why you are seeking our care and what your aims are, should you be able to identify them. After we’ve explained what options are available to you and listened to your requirements we can then take this information and craft a treatment plan and schedule which will meet these needs.

What are cosmetic orthodontics?

Having crooked or malpositioned teeth is one of the most common issues raised by our patients  and the cosmetic orthodontic treatments we offer aim to give patients the chance to make a lasting change to the alignment of their teeth, without the treatment having too much of a visible impact on their appearance.

The ability to realign crooked teeth through non-invasive and cosmetic means is something which is a relatively new development in the world of orthodontics and dentistry, and treatments such as Clear Smile aligners are fast becoming some of our most popular and sought-after forms of orthodontics.

If you want to improve the straightness of your smile discreetly then contact our staff today and book an appointment to talk over your options with our resident cosmetic orthodontic expert.

We also accept medical card patients for certain general treatments.

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