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Tuesday, 4th May, 2021

Why is dental hygiene important?

Dental hygiene is just as important as bodily hygiene. So much depends on your dental well-being, such as appearance and confidence. If an individual’s teeth are discoloured or they have bad breath, it can lead to lack of confidence and self-esteem. Dental hygiene matters, because poor dental hygiene will lead to bad dental health that can cause a catalogue of disasters. This can also impact on how well a person performs his or her everyday tasks and interacts socially.

Poor oral hygiene can make a person self-conscious as they tend to become reluctant to smile, because they aren’t confident about their smile being attractive. This leads to individuals suppressing their smile, as they become hesitant to show their teeth, because they are afraid of being judged on their less-than-perfect dental appearance and overall presentation because of this.

Why should you visit a dental professional?

It is important to visit a dentist regularly in order to maintain good dental hygiene. Our experts will guide individuals on how to maintain their oral health, so as to be confident about their smile and make them proud of it, instead of being wary and self-conscious. Our dentist Navan will carry out check-ups on an individual's teeth and gums and give advice on how to improve their dental hygiene and suggest treatment for dental conditions if needed. Our dentist Navan will also tailor a patient’s treatment by personalising it. Just as no two individuals are alike, your oral hygiene regime and treatments need to be tailored for your needs. Everyone has different requirements when it comes to oral hygiene and health. Some individuals might need more complex treatment to improve their dental situation while others may only need routine check-ups for most of the time. This can only be decided by an expert who is experienced in dealing with dental health related matters and is willing to provide optimal results for each and every patient whatever the treatment may entail. Our dentist is also happy to accept medical card patients to give them the same opportunity for the very best in dental care.

Benefits of having good dental health

There are many benefits in having good dental health. One such benefit is that you can be proud and confident about your appearance. This boosts your self-esteem and helps you make a good impression on those around you. This then has a positive impact on your social life, as you can enjoy yourself without worrying about what people see when you talk or smile, as you know your teeth look good.

What are some common dental conditions?

There are many dental conditions that affect oral health and have a detrimental impact on it. Among the most common dental conditions are cavities, bad gums, discoloured teeth, tooth decay, mouth sores, tooth erosion and tooth sensitivity. These ailments can leave a person in discomfort and distress, but they can be easily treated with the help and advice of our dentist Navan. Our dental professionals will always provide the necessary advice and guidance regarding what should be done about these conditions and they will advise an individual with these problems on the different treatment options available to transform their teeth for the better. A beautiful smile can be a game changer. It can transform an individual’s life for the better.

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